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Today is the last day of the event about the innovative issues in Economics, Finance and Investments, the EFI Week Online. To the close of this conference, prepared for us a talk on the future of transactions in Latin America. For this reason, we brought the professionals in this subject, the people of Bitso, and its platform of payments with cryptocurrencies.

The future of payments with cryptocurrencies is happening today

This topic we have exposed several times on the page, given that it is the dream of many. So, we know first-hand that the payments cryptocurrencies is a struggle that takes years around the world. For this reason, it is an honor to be able to hear the experience of those who wear the avant-garde in Latin America.

If you are from Mexico or of Argentina you probably already know them, because they have close to a million registered users, clocking more than 3 million of payments made with cryptocurrencies and availability of 10 cryptocurrencies for transactions without commission.

We refer to Bitso, the first exchange of Mexico that managed to transcend the country, reaching the lands of Argentina, and plans to improve the entire region.

For his talk entitled “The future of payments“, the people of Bitso we were sent as a representative to Miguel Kudry. It should be noted that it is not by chance that they chose him for this task, to observe the history of Kudry. Starting is a venezuelan who managed to learn and specialize in the topics of technology innovative, leading him to the path of the Blockchains and crypto.

In addition, to use such knowledge, has constantly been undertaking new adventures, from Venezuela to Canada, coming to Mexico with Bitso, where he was Director of Financial Services.

Comfort before anything else

Returning to the topic of the talk, Kudry exposed mainly how Bitso seeks to encourage the use of the cryptocurrencies in Latin America. Exposing in this way the multiple services the platform offers, such as wallet, exchange, trading or transfers.

However, it highlights that the work of Bitso focuses on responding to the problems of the region, using as a tool to crypto. Therefore, stresses that the main priority to be able to make payments with cryptocurrencies is that it must be comfortable.

In this sense, poses before anything else, the use of the cryptocurrencies should be something easy to understand for the people. This idea expands to all the levels that involves a transaction.

First, consumers should feel comfortable making payments with cryptocurrencies. Therefore, there must be a process equal to or more simple than to make a bank transfer.

Then, businesses and companies should feel confident when receiving payments with cryptocurrencies. So, you must understand that the value of the crypto you receive is equivalent to the Weights. Although, thanks to the diversity of criptos, and the power of the exchanges, you should also understand that it can be stored beyond Bitcoin, as with stablecoins.

Finally, governments and policy makers need to understand the game with the cryptocurrencies. In this way they can establish the rules of the same, allowing it to develop this market.

Final Reflection

To close our coverage of EFI Week Online, we would like to make a reflection on what we learned during this week. Mainly we were able to observe that Latin America lags behind the rest of the world. Both at a technological level, as the regulations necessary for the progress of the market of cryptocurrencies.

However, by observing the experiences and stories of each one of the speakers, we can observe that there are projects in the region dedicated to fostering the use of cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, we want to leave in the comments that they learned or liked from this issue of EFI Week Online. In addition, that we hope in a next opportunity.

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