Why is my Binance Wallet Empty? Portfolio, Account Balance Wrong

Binance Wallets Empty, Binance Account balance Empty – Many Binance users report today about strange problems when placing Trades and Checking your balance. In some cases, all of the money out of the accounts is gone.


Binance Wallet Empty

Many traders today are worried after more and more users are reporting problems with Binance. Some users report that their account Balance and the orders were completely wrong. Others say, the Trades are conducted, but there is no update of the account balance. Some users also report cross-site errors.

A Tweet from Crypto Krillin (@LSDinmycoffee) made crypto-Twitter originally alerted to the problem. Many other users have in the meantime replied to Hoffmann that it came in also to problems with Binance.

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Binance Account Balance Empty

Some write that their accounts contained a sudden nothing. Your entire inventory had vanished due to a bug effectively.

This seems to be a site-wide Problem for Binance, this affects many users. So far, the exchange has no comment on the reported problems.

If the situation is not resolved, it could damage the reputation of Binance seriously, because the stock market has always advertised with its own security measures. If the stock market is not, however, able to take into account stands, this could be a serious problem. Hopefully, we can expect soon with a comment of Binance.

Binance Portfolio Criticism

Binance is criticized in recent times because of its functionality. A few days ago, a Trader, allegedly, had also difficulties placing the BTC/USDT-long positions on Binance.

Some major Traders received error messages when trying to get a USDT-credit for Margin Trading to be incorporated. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) has acknowledged the “slight delay in the display of the order book for some Trading-pairs” and says that the Team is actively working on it.

The balance error in Binance is, on the very day on which the entire crypto-market, and Bitcoin on a broad Front losses. Although Bitcoin has only fallen by -1,31%, there are many other crypto-currencies double-digit losses.
It is currently unclear whether the Dysfunction of the platform has exacerbated the market, routine or not. At the time of writing, the Trading volume on Binance is still about 2.7 billion dollars.

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