Engineer of Ripple offers help to businesses

The appearance of the Coronavirus has affected the whole society. Damaging to the people who are affected by this disease, affecting the global markets. Therefore, the collaboration at this time complicated to humanity is fundamental, and so well-known to the engineer of Ripple, Nik Bougalis, who has offered his support in a Tweet today:

A economy of head

The effects caused by the Coronavirus in all sectors of our daily life is impressive. Taking, only at the economic level, to 4 days of total collapse on the major exchanges of the world, including the crypto. And the interruption, almost absolute, of the commercial activities and productive around the world for days. If the best means we have at our disposal to tackle the Coronavirus is the social distancing, and therefore quarantine measures, the only way it could comply with these measures it is staying at home. Or, in other words, leaving to attend to our jobs on a daily basis. This has already led to the disruption of global supply chains, as well as to the decision of several major companies worldwide to work from home as it passes the crisis. A process to which not all companies are equally well-prepared for that Ripple. In the case of the crypto world, due to the nature of fully online cryptocurrencies, if there is a broad experience of remote work. With cases like Binance, exchange which ensures not have physical offices, or Ripple, whose lead engineer in development of C++ software has twitteado the following: “I have worked remotely for more than 20 years and I am currently leading a large team fully distributed in Ripple. If you’re new to remote work, especially as a manager, and you have questions, please make them! I will do my best to respond and share my ideas to help you and your team“. Nik Bougalis is the developers most important of Ripple and thus with an invaluable experience in times of Coronavirus. In this way, one of the leading minds of Ripple would be putting the order of those that require help on the process of adaptation to the us has forced the Coronavirus. Showing the ability to do the good that we have each one of us from our post.

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