Ensure the opening of the Binance US for the drop in BNB? – Breaking News

Due to Us regulations, the customers are from the USA cannot make use of the regular exchange of Binance. Therefore, the opening of the company in the next week to Binance US. Here, in the first instance, but six of the coins sold. Notable absentees: Binance Coin (BNB).

Next week

Binance, announced yesterday that its Us branch, starting from the next week on Wednesday will be opened. Customers will be able to create a user account and a computer collapse. In the announcement of the six coins listed.

Only, Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, and Tether are also available for trade. Why is BNB not included in this list? Why is it not possible for you to Binance US to act in their own coin? This may have to do with the regulatory environment, the SEC may, in some tokens, and coins with the stamp of the security token to display. In such a case, the rules are much more stringent.

The difference for us

On the formal platform of the Binance, you don’t necessarily have to be registered. If you don’t want to have to do the KYC policy (know your customer) then you are limited to a maximum intake of two bitcoin each day.
That is the freedom the Americans did not. Us customers will be necessary to register in order to be able to make use of the Binance US. This means that a copy of the passport and social security number have to be handed over. Or … Americans will have to make use of a virtual private network.

Vote for us

Last month, it wrote Binance is that there are a further 24 other cryptocurrency will be added to the Binance US, but it may take some time. It is, in fact, no time frame is mentioned. Also, the choice of which coin to be added on to the Digital Asset, a Risk-Assessment Framework. Or, in the U.s. regulators have to decide which of the tokens to be traded and can be.

BNB has to be up early peak

Binance Corner, this year is a huge value increase. The growth rate was at a given point in time is even greater than that of bitcoin. At the beginning of the year, the exchange rate of the BNB with more than a 500 percent increase! At a given point in time was on BNB as much as 40 dollars.
It seemed to be the only hosanna, because the BNB to be used for the Binance X, and for the IEO’s.
That good feeling is not any a lot more. The value of 50 per cent. The price is now around $ 20. That is, it is unpleasant for BNB holders, but some may see this as a good opportunity to get on board.

However, the majority of analysts are not positive about the short-term forward exchange rates of the BNB. Like all the of Americans to migrate from the Binance to Binance US, what’s going to happen with their Binance coins?

Regardless, however, seem to be Americans, not a lot of variety of coins is performed on the Binance US. It is, therefore, the question is whether Us customers would have to wait for Binance US, or the mob moves on to another show. No matter what they choose, with no options to play BNB (now) have a role in this.

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