Entrepreneurship inspired by the café de Colombia offers refunds in bitcoin

The new venture colombian Crypto.coffee is taking its first steps with a concept that mixes several benefits to its customers. It offers rewards in bitcoin to the buyers of coffee, “My Race” grown in the andes of Colombia, with which it also promises a personalized guide for those who are starting in the world of cryptocurrencies.The argentine Pablo Vera, who has a time that immigrated to Colombia, just a few days ago launched his venture, along with his wife. A website that offers coffee grown in the country, acquired in a direct line with the producer. “The coffee we buy directly from the producer. It is a project that’s very nice since it also supports women heads of family of the ethnic group Embera, who weave some bracelets that represent their community. With each bag of coffee we deliver, you will also handle gift,” said Vera to Breaking News.Paul, who is also a web developer, had his first encounter with Bitcoin in the year 2013. Since then, studies the technology of the cryptocurrencies, getting some knowledge now, as an entrepreneur, you want to convey to other people, so that these also may know the benefit of the criptoactivos. Therefore, delivery to its customers in Colombia for a refund in bitcoin for 5% of all the purchases of coffee that it offers in its site, with the idea of motivating the adoption. “If these people are unaware of how they can receive their rewards, we guide you in a personalized way,” he adds.The Café “My race” cultivated in the cordilleras of Colombia, and is provided with a handle, of a gift made by the women of the ethnic group Embera are known for their craftsmanship. Source: crypto.cafeEl service that for now is only offered in Colombia, projected short-term a online shop is still under construction and in the future speaking of opening the doors of a physical establishment in which, in addition to buy the product, the customers can consume, while they enjoy the courses, workshops or meetup related to the cryptocurrencies.The concept on which is based Crypto.cafe, is inspired by Lolli, an application that offers its users a refund in bitcoin for online purchases made in the partner stores. The service is only available in EE. USA and almost every day is adding new retailers, from Groupon to Macy’s and Walmart, according to a publication of a user as seen in the chrome web partner.Also, is the application Fold, which users can use Fiat money or Bitcoin, getting up to a 20% cash refund on Bitcoin at retailers such as Amazon, Uber, Starbucks, Hotels.com and many more.

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