EOS Ecology Wallet Exit Scam – 50 million USD stolen

Scams with Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are now ubiquitous. The ignorance and the greed of the people here will be exploited mercilessly in order to get the valuable Kryptos users. There are various methods of fraud and models with which the initiators of the users of courting. Often, such projects end in an Exit Scam. So the initiators disappear at a certain point, with the crypto-currencies of the user. Now it has also caught currencies one of the most well-known Crypto – EOS. Here 19.366.587 EOS are the equivalent of about 50 million USD in the room.What is the impact of the Exit Scam on the EOS course?

EOS Ecology Wallet Exit Scam

Is this an Exit Scam to EOS Ecology, an EOS-based Wallet. On Monday, users have reported that they could not access their accounts stored in a centralized Wallets. The suspicion hardens that it might be a classic Exit Scam.The promise of EOS Ecology for a list of all the crypto Ponzi Schemes. The users were promised high returns, if you let your Kryptos on the EOS Ecology Wallet are. In order to present the business model to be legitimate to the outside, turned out to be the company behind it also called Node (node) of Starteos (one of the most well-known block producer of the EOS). Thus, EOS Ecology gave the investors the impression that it has a close connection to a legitimate and well-known project in the EOS Ecosystem.

Rogue Return Promise

The return promise of the EOS Wallet were observed in the beginning of time, to generate even more customers. This is a well-known approach to win in the beginning of time, the confidence of the users. It is the promised returns will be paid what, for many, is proof enough that it works and trustworthy Wink to EXW-Wallet) is (.In the end, it goes very quickly. The Apps don’t work anymore from one day to the other, and the users no longer come to your crypto-currencies. It is sad that such projects are always frequented, nor so high. It must burn even more people the Finger, until you stop to trust such an illogical and dubious promise.

Fraudsters transfer stolen EOS

To the time of the EOS Ecology Wallet was accessible, 19.366.587 EOS in the hands of the initiators. In the meantime, massive transactions were observed. It all looks like a classic Exit Scam.According to various sources, the said EOS were observed on some of the Accounts of Huobi exchange. The name of the account, at least suspect. All 5 Accounts bear the name huobidevice1 to huobidevice5.In total, there is around 50 million USD. A large part of the EOS was already transferred to the Accounts huobidevice3 and huobidevice5. The stock market has spoken on the incident, and any connection denied. Huobi has assured that they are watching the Funds from the EOS Ecology Wallet carefully and all the relevant addresses to a black list have been set. Huobi has already looks into the past in money laundering of other Scams delivered/helped.The best and safest stock market choose for you to opt for the right provider is not always easy. Therefore, we recommend that you take a look at our Bitcoin brokers & exchanges to throw a comparison. Trading on the safest and best exchanges in the world! For Comparison

What are the consequences of the Exit Scam on the EOS course?

The consequences for the EOS of the course are currently not foreseeable. However, we have already seen in the past by the plus token Scam clear that the sales of the stolen crypto-currencies an additional selling pressures generate, and thus the courses in the direction South.Here it always strongly depends on how many exchanges at the same time will be sold and how high is the liquidity of the crypto-currency. Of course, the of course demand plays an important role here.The only question here is whether the scammers will find a suitable exchange, in order to wash in the EOS and in what tranches it sold. The sale takes place slowly and steadily, should be the impact manageable.We are excited to see how the Situation will develop further. But one thing to be said: Not your Keys, Not your Coins. Keep your crypto-currencies are always on a Cold Wallet where only you have access. Don’t be fooled promise of any dubious Return on investment. There is absolutely nothing free in this world. Stay safe.Are you affected, maybe even from the EOS Ecology Scam? The long-term EOS damage?Come on in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community!
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