EOS: Why You Can Remain Confident About the Growth of EOS Coin

EOS: Why You Can Remain Confident About the Growth of EOS Coin

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Cryptocurrency traders and investors are always looking forward to updated developments in the blockchain technology that includes the EOS coin. Just three days back, the development team of EOS (EOS) released on Github the EOSIO Dawn 3.0, living up to the expectation of crypto believers.

In December last year, they also released the 2.0 version of EOSIO Dawn. The releasing of the previous versions was apparently done in anticipation of the ultimate release of the version 1.0 of EOSIO, probably in June 2018. Investors are confident that EOS is looking at a brighter future this year.

The previous market performance of EOS crypto coin says a lot about the growth of this coin. In the last few months of 2017, the EOS coin was priced at around $0.84. More than 2 months later, said coin traded at $18.16 with an increment of about 2,000%.

It has not been able to maintain the two-digit level with the recent fiasco in the cryptocurrency world that included hackings and heists. Despite this, it has comfortably settled at above $4 last month with its present trading price of $5.86.

The launch of the 3.0 version of EOSIO Dawn is seen as the motivating factor in the eventual buildup of blockchain technology’s most powerful platform in the world. Other platforms from TROM Mainnet and Ethereum to be released in May are foreseen to bow down to EOS’s EOSIO Dawn 3.0. The month of June is seen to be the month of platform showdowns insofar as the cryptocurrency market is concerned.

A large number of supporters are rooting for EOS’s project with the chat group reaching over 43,000 active members. In Reddit, almost the same number of supporters are cheering for the cryptocurrency coin. Over 131,000 Twitter users are also following the project spearheaded by the EOS’s talented development team.

This simply means that the coin has a strong hold on a very large community making it one of the fastest-growing virtual currencies in the market today. With an immense support like this, the future is looking bright as ever for the EOS cryptocurrency. So long as the EOS coin maintains the trading price at $4, there is nothing to fear just yet.

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