ETC Labs and Gitcoin launch rewards program for developers of Ethereum Classic – Breaking News – Bitcoin, blockchains, and cryptocurrencies

Ethereum Classic Labs (ETC Labs) launched a series of rewards for those who wish to support the growth of the protocol Ethereum Classic, in partnership with Gitcoin, a platform on which developers can earn money with their contributions to open source projects.According to Terry Culver, CEO of ETC Labs, the alliance aims to bring Ethereum Classic to the global community of developers, in the framework of the Hackathon DeFi of Gitcoin, which takes place from 16 march until 30 marzoPor his part, Kevin Owocki, founder and CEO of Gitcoin announced that this alliance seeks to grow the finance decentralized, while still providing economic opportunities for the developers belonging to both communities.The first reward is $300 split between three winners, and is doing promotional activities on Ethereum Classic. The participant should design an infographic about Ethereum Classic, directed to audiences that do not have any knowledge about the cryptocurrencies. Then, you should distribute 100 copies in a public space and to promote this activity through social networks. Complete instructions can be obtained here.The second task consists of designing a portfolio cold to facilitate the safe use of Ethereum Classic, using the programming module Signatory. As shown, the use of portfolios cold to sign transactions and store keys, and facilitates the deployment of devices for IoT among other applications. The reward has a value of $500 paid in ETC for the winning project. The details can be found here.The third and biggest reward is an amount of $1500 dollars in ETC and is to create a module of instructions for using the EVM LLVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine Low Level Virtual Machine) of Ethereum Classic, a tool to facilitate the development of contracts of smartphones and other programmatic aspects of Ethereum Classic and that was released last February. “The module instruction is an essential part of the optimization of the development. Although you do not have a direct impact on the integrity of the programming, it is critical to improve the performance of the code”, they write in the extended instructions for this reward.A program of rewards for the development would be attractive to perform for the employees of Ethereum Classic, because the protocol have recently suffered the fall of the hashrate of your blockchain, generating a reduction in the rewards of the miners.

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