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The life blood of the cryptocurrencies is your market. It is there in where users obtain their criptoactivos, where they interact, and where one can see the strengths and weaknesses of various virtual currencies. Therefore, it is so important to the existence of brokers of quality as ETFinance, which will allow the crypto community to invest safely and easily.

A Broker for all tastes

And within the important market that constitute the cryptocurrencies, there are a large number of brokers competing with each other. However, only a handful of them manage to stand out among the crowd. Being considered the major investment platforms in the market, and earning them a special position among investors. Among this group of brokers prominent, ETFinance is undoubtedly the most important. And, the same, offers the realization of transactions not only with cryptocurrencies, but with a multitude of different assets, through so-called CFD or Contracts for Difference. These contracts are basically a prediction made by the investor about the price of an asset. As well, the investor “bet” that the price of same will go up or down. Winning in case of succeeding in his prediction, the difference between the original price of the asset and finally reached. Losing, by contrast, this same difference in case of not getting it right. It is for this reason that, the CFD is an instrument so sought after by investors. Therefore, when used properly, can generate massive earnings in a very short time. While, in the hands of an untrained investor, can lead to serious losses. Especially when combined with leverage as large as the one that offers ETFinance, up to 1:500. Being just this the reason, that ETFinance provides its users, a center of education free of charge. Where can acquire knowledge about the world of trading, through videos, readings, and other educational materials. Seeking to avoid the losses and maximize the profits of those who use the platform.

All the facilities for its users

But, this would not be all that ETFinance offers to its users. Therefore, for them to carry out their financial transactions with greater peace of mind, and in a single place. This broker would have an extensive list of marketable assets within your platform. Avoiding that those who want to invest in various financial instruments, have to leave ETFinance. Thus, the user of the broker may invest in: Index of assets, Forex, Metals, Stocks, Investment Funds, Raw Materials, and of course, the strong point of the platform, the cryptocurrencies. All this thanks to the use of MetaTrader 4, the interface of investment most used on the european continent. Due to its simplicity and friendly design with novice investors and veterans. Metatrader 4 is the platform used by ETFinance This in addition, within a framework respectful of the non-western cultures. Members of the muslim religion, they will be able to invest peacefully with ETFinance, thanks to the “islamic accounts”. Which have different rules to other accounts of the platform, to adapt to the laws of the islamic world. Especially when it comes to charge interest, and swaps positions of the night. And as if that weren’t enough, this broker also offers to its users the use of a demo account with $ 100,000 virtual. For that for 7 days they can test their investment strategies more risky, without risking even a dollar of your capital.

Taking the cryptocurrencies beyond the digital world

Thanks to all these investment options, and services offered to their customers. ETFinance has become an ambassador of the cryptocurrencies beyond the crypto community. By signing recently a sponsorship contract with the basketball team of europe, Real Madrid. A team that believes that the key to success is the combination between the skill of their players, and the training achieved by the constant training. Something that matches ETFinance, broker that provides to all its users training in trading is necessary to succeed. So, with their actions, this broker has been transformed into a means for the popularization of the criptoactivos. And above all, of the investments in around them, thanks to the endorsement that guarantees the to be related with a computer of the seriousness and history of Real Madrid. So, ETFinance, it has been becoming one of the backbones of the crypto market. Thanks to the great quality service that it offers to its customers, the variety of assets that you can invest in through this broker, and the seriousness which projects with its institutional partnerships, including with the Real Madrid of basketball. All of which, allows us to recommend, without a doubt, the use of this platform for investment in cryptocurrencies. The following two tabs change content below. Student of International Studies, interested in issues of economy and international politics. Passionate about the progress of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in general and the cryptocurrencies in particular.

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