ETH: Options volume to a record high – Ethereum-traders expect massive volatility – Coin Update

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Ethereums recent jump from the lower $ 200 range to a High of 245 dollars, it has enabled the Asset, the immense downward trend, in the it was previously, compared to its Trading Pair Bitcoin get.

It has also led to a massive increase in the ETH-option volume on popular platforms such as Deribit – where the daily option volume of crypto-currency today, a record high has been reached.

This is a sign that traders expect the crypto-currency will make in the coming days and weeks, a great movement.

Since Ethereums has increased fundamental strength considerably in recent times, there is the growing possibility that the next great movement will favor the buyer heavily.

Ethereums experienced a large price increase in option volume reaches record high

Earlier this week, Ethereum was traded in the lower $ 200 range. It was for many weeks in a solid phase of consolidation in this price region, since its the buyer and the seller were both in a cul-de-SAC.

The breakout rally this weekend, has made it possible for the ETH, some of the soil to recover, the crypto currency Bitcoin had lost, and gave up their market structure much-needed boost.

Ethereum seems to have his previous local High of USD 235 in a strong support region is converted, wherein the continuing to contribute to the end of defense of this level to push it to the top.

Traders have taken this recent price action to the attention of – and it seems that they are set largely to the fact that Ethereum will make in the near future, a big movement.

This Trend is clearly illustrated by the fact that the option volume in the crypto-currency is now increased to a new all-time high – a sign that traders try to gain a commitment in the crypto-currency, before she looks even more volatility.

Data platform Skew commented in a recent Tweet, and share a graphic that shows the enormous increase in the ETH-option volume in the last few months.

“Another day with record volume for Ether-options!”

Data Skew

The next ETH-movement is a fundamental strength guide

As long as Bitcoin and the aggregate market remain stable, it is very likely that the upcoming volatility, which expect the Ethereum-Trader, is in favour of the buyer due to the fundamental strength of the ETH.

A metric that emphasizes these strengths is the number of addresses with more than 0.1 ETH – today, a new all-time high has been reached, as Analytics company Glassnode emphasized:

“ETH number of addresses with 0.1+ Coins just reached an ATH of 2.931.809.000. The previous ATH of 2.929.569.000 was on 31. May 2020 can be achieved.“

Data on Glassnode

The immense growth has seen that number lately, indicates a massive level of acceptance among the retail investors – the main suspect behind the Bull-Run from 2017.

This investor base could contribute to the growth of the crypto currency in the coming weeks and months, to boost.

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