Ethereum 2.0 and bitcoin halving – two perfect trigger for the Bull Run

Both Bitcoin as well as Ethereum have developed their 2020-lows from excellent and could since the crash on “Black Thursday” (12. and 13. March) to 140 percent of the course load.
That alone makes the markets for broad optimism, but tips expected-analysts, that these two leading crypto currencies in the coming months and years, even rise even higher. Because For Bitcoin and Ethereum holders are two of the most important events.
If Ethereum 2.0 and Bitcoins cause half of any bull market, then probably nothing
According to David Hoffman, COO of the real estate platform RealT and Co-Director of the Bankless Podcasts in the coming months, the two basic events that together form a perfect catalyst for the bull market: bitcoin halving Block reward in may, and the launch of Ethereum 2.0 in the summer.
Hoffman is so convincing, that he writes:

“If that is not a catalyst for a bull market, then nothing is.”

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Other analysts feel the same way.
About 10 days after the publication of this article, the inflation is reduced, the rate of Bitcoin by half, since the number of Coins per Block by the Protocol is halved.
It is an event of the first-class quantitative Analyst by the name of “PlanB” believes that it will give Bitcoin a fair value of approximately 288.000 $ – more than 3,000 percent higher than the current market price.
The market capitalization of BTC can be derived by the analysis of the rate of inflation – so this high value comes about.
In addition to the upward trend in the Ethereum developers will bring in a couple of months Ethereum 2.0 on the market. It is an Upgrade that the crypto-currency of a Mining-consensus-Proof mechanism-Of-Stake will bring. To encourage owners to stake your Coins in exchange for rewards.
As Hoffman explains in a recent Episode of Bankless, will reduce the introduction of Staking in the amount of ETH in the free market. This will in turn lead to a supply shock, which favors the increase in prices.
This has taken up Adam Cochran, a Partner at meta cartel Ventures. He writes that the introduction of ETH 2.0 will bring about a massive social and economic change.

The macro-economic Backdrop favors the crypto-growth

In addition to these fundamental Trends, analysts observe that the macro-economic Background, decentralized crypto-currencies to foster more and more.
As such, it was reported, suggested Raoul Pal – a former Goldman Sachs Executive and a former hedge Fund Manager in a research note that he sees a real Chance that the risk of a “failure of our money system itself,” or is, at least, of a collapse of the “current financial architecture”.
He refers to the fact that the Central banks starting to devalue their currencies at a record pace – while the probability grows, that part of the world’s debt to the value of 250 trillion dollars starts to relax.
This one adds a potential Deflation, so Pal, there is the possibility that Fiat money is under pressure.
According to the prominent Investor’s crypto-currencies come into play here. In Particular, Bitcoin.

“It is a complete, trusted, verified, secure, financial, and accounting System of a digital value. (…) It is nothing less than the future of our entire system of money exchange, and of money itself and the platform on which it works.“

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