Ethereum 2.0 centralized? – Blockchain lawyer takes ETH to target

In the Crypto area, very much focuses on the number 1 Bitcoin. Altcoins falling so often into the background, with also a very much interesting is happening. So the network of the 2 pulls. largest crypto-currency in the world, Ethereum, in these months the Transition to the long-awaited Version 2.0,. From this promise of the advocates of a better scalability, and more application possibilities for Ethereum. Apart from the fact that the technical implementation is still all over the stage, there are further points of criticism. As an American Blockchain lawyer, ETH is now in your sights, and rails against Ethereum 2.0. Right?

Transition to Ethereum 2.0 than centralized decision-making?

The technical development is known to be very rapidly. You will notice in everyday life in case of Laptops, TVs, mobile phones, and co. The Crypto-area is not excluded, of course.

So Ethereum sees itself as a pioneer of the decentralized Revolution since a long time confronted with the challenge to be the first decentralized platform on the market have been. Because it was – technically – compared to later-launched competitors, such as EOS behind.

Criticism of a Blockchain lawyer

In order to stay on the pulse of time and of technical progress, slowly but managed to secure the Transition to Ethereum 2.0. But who decides such processes in a decentralized platform, anyway? In theory, the entire Community, or at least the majority would have to be questioned. This aspect of the American Blockchain-lawyer Preston Byrne of the law firm Byrne & Storm in some Twitter Posts criticized now.

He also said:

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Ethereum dinosaurs to the extinction of the hell?

Summarized Preston Byrne criticised in his Posts that the token distribution from Ethereum 1.0 to Ethereum 2.0 will be accepted, although it is a new Blockchain. Furthermore, he takes the decision making in this process, targeted and criticized the Meeting of a centralised decision-making in a decentralized platform.
The Blockchain-a lawyer even goes so far that he referred to the ETH as the “esoteric Blockchain-creature”, which is used in the distant future, only to Millennials, who are then in a couple of years in a higher age.

The criticism of non-perfect decentralization of Ethereum, comes up again and again and is therefore justified in principle. However, for some of the lawyer’s significant to far. He reaps significant criticism in the comments of his Posts. It is clear that Ethereum is out of the Crypto and Blockchain-world way. If the Updates solve the current limitations of the platform and the network, the prospects for ETH clearly bullish. So we can look forward to Exciting in the year 2020.
How do you see the criticism of the lawyer to Ethereum?

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