Ethereum Classic Devs: ETC Philosophy More Inclined Towards The Likes of Bitcoin

One of the developers of Ethereum Classic (ETC), Igor Artamonov, took advantage of a blog to explain the features of this platform.

There he points out that ETC technology is compatible with Ethereum (ETH) at the level of API and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This allows intelligent contracts and decentralized applications (DApps) based on the Ethereum blockchain to also work on the Ethereum Classic network.

“Basically, if you see that a developer tool is for Ethereum, it means that it will work on both Ethereum ETH and Ethereum ETC,” says Igor.

Artamonov is the leader of the group of software engineers who developed the ETC core.

He also took the opportunity to point out the differences, not only technical but also ideological of ETC regarding ETH: “The main difference is the philosophy of Ethereum ETC, which is close to that of Bitcoin, and the ETC community is more concerned about security and decentralization.

In this sense, Artamonov mentioned that although the technologies for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic are currently compatible, one can expect their respective current projects and work plans to “take different paths”.

On the other hand, the developer assured that the hardship pump, announced by ETH, would be impossible at ETC. Since “the ETC community is against any ad hoc changes to non-technical aspects.

Artamonov explained that ETC does not plan to move to any protocol based on stake testing (PoS) at this time “because PoS is much less secure and offers centralization around big capital (and the first investors, who got 70% of the ETH offer).

Finally, he stressed that any blockchain that wanted to gain a place the market has to be Immutable and decentralized. Because “any blockchain without the guarantee of immutability would be competing with Amazon AWS, which is already much easier to use and a thousand times cheaper.

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