Ethereum course with better Performance than BTC

Due to the fact that has solidified the Narrative of the digital gold around Bitcoin in the Wake of the corona crisis, currently focusing a lot of attention on the number 1 of all Kyptowährungen. But as it looks currently, in the case of Ethereum, the number 2? Surprisingly, it seems that ETH is currently in the wind shadow of BTC, and from there to attack. A look at the Ethereum course revealed, namely that, what is the concentration of attention on BTC’s hiding: the number 2 fails-to-date and in the year 2020, the Performance of BTC. We summarize for you.

Ethereum rate BTC on several levels

Just in the last few days over the extended weekend of the Ethereum was able to gain price Momentum. While there was fundamentally no more accurate statement, the price rose within the last 5 days of around 200 USD to, at times, over 245 USD, which corresponds to an intermediate Performance of about 20%.

According to Coin360 the Ethereum course, to put more precisely in the last 7 days whole 16% and is currently trading at the time of writing of the article, in the case of 233 USD. With these values of ETH can beat his big brother Bitcoin clear lengths. The number 1 of all Krytowährungen could in fact increase over the same period by almost 8%.

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But that’s not enough. Also on longer time periods considered Ethereum BTC runs at the moment the rank. While BTC increased in the last 30 days by 7%, could ETH expected to grow by 10%.

The same picture since the beginning of the year. As the image below shows, the YTD Performance of Ethereum a whopping +78% (!). Profit from Bitcoin with +31%, also see, however, is significantly behind the ETH.

New record in volume for ETH options

To match the Momentum that could win Ethereum at the weekend and the prospect of rate increase in range provided, could also be elsewhere, a new record. What is meant is the Trading volume for options on the Crypto-exchange Deribit.

As the Crypto-analysis of the company Skew reported, amounted to the volume on Saturday, nearly 20 million USD. For comparison, the normal value is usually 9 times lower.

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