Ethereum – DocuSign Now Integrates Digital Signature Proof On Ethereum ETH

After the merger between the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) and Hyperledger, we learn that the American giant DocuSign – which has integrated the EEA – will integrate digital signature proof via the blockchain Ethereum.

The world-renowned company DocuSign, which specializes in the legal signing of online contracts, has announced its intention to integrate its services on the Ethereum network (ETH) blockchain, notably via an official tweet:

DocuSign has more than 400,000 customers worldwide, providing a platform widely used by legal, technological and financial companies to sign legal documents.

On the DocuSign’s website, it says, among other things:

“Blockchain technology is driving a wave of innovation, and DocuSign has been there since the beginning. In 2015, we collaborated with Visa on one of the first public prototypes of a smart contract based on the blockchain. Today, we are a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and are working with other industry leaders to define and provide blockchain-based solutions.”

Thanks to the integration of Ethereum, companies can now remotely verify the signatures and “integrity” of any DocuSign document, comparing them to similar records in the Ethereum network blockchain, according to Cryptoslate.

Ron Hirson, Product Manager at DocuSign, said customers opting for this blockchain-based feature would receive a “one-way” cryptographic encryption signature, which records each transaction made and uploads them to the Ethereum blockchain.

Still, according to Cryptoslate, Ron Hirson would have added:

“This encryption serves as tamper-proof proof for the transaction and allows any completed document to be independently validated. And by using the Ethereum blockchain, this third-party evidence for this transaction is accessible to all.”

It is a long time ago that those who said that cryptos were useless, that it was wind, could boast when they made such comments. Nowadays, it is almost every day that Blockchain technologies are integrated into the real world, and by institutions or large companies!

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