Ethereum falls short-under 200 $ – can cops drive in the ETH-price back up again?

The Ethereum-the price of today is like the Morning after the gains last week were all deleted. The second most important crypto-currency fell briefly below the $200 mark, before she has recovered at the time of writing to about 205$.

Recent losses to push the progress of the current year

You could say that Ethereum and ETH-had Token an outstanding year. After 2020 had started with a low price of 130 dollars, could Ethereum double their value more than and was in the middle of February for about $ 280. ETH surpassing even Bitcoin, the beginning of 2020 also remarkable recorded gains.
ETH, however, was not immune to the market-wide crashes, and could not escape the bearish mood, as BTC has fallen in the last week of February under the mark of $9.000. ETH has lost $ 50 and is $220.
And even though the Cryptocurrency was able to achieve at the weekend, a better Performance than the Rest of the market, it was pulled along with most of the crypto-period-to-bottom, as the markets crashed yesterday on Sunday.
The biggest question now is whether the bulls have gained control over the market again, or whether the shock waves of the oil price crash and the subsequent stock market losses continue to affect the crypto-currency.

Ethereum is still waiting for ETH 2.0

Ethereum was this year a few times in the headlines because, among other things, technical improvements to spread new optimism for the introduction of ETH 2.0. ETH 2.0 is an important Upgrade for the network, it adds several new features and enables the Transition to a Proof-of-Stake consensus.
The Ethereum network also receives due to its importance for the emerging DeFi-industrial (decentralised Finance) a lot of attention. Despite some known issues (such as the flash credit Exploit) many believe that DeFi the killer application, according to the Ethereum for a long time screaming.
Also, the community on the planned Amendment of the Mining algorithm in programmatic Proof-of-Work (ProgPoW) was divided. This Change should reduce the advantage of ASIC Mining platforms, those who use GPUs, favor, and lead to a further decentralisation.
The rapid approval by the core developers, has been criticised by some in the Community however, as a “centralized control”.

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