Ethereum is less anonymous than bitcoin, it is evident from the research – Breaking News

Ethereum transactions will prove to be easier to trace than bitcoin transactions. This is the result of a study carried out on the 29th of may, it was published by Ferenc Béres as well as a team of Hungarian scientists and scholars. They examined the extent to which the individuals behind the transactions can be traced. The research is not subject to a peer review process.

Traceability is ethereum different than bitcoin

The researchers noted that an ethereum wallet is tied to a single place. This makes ethereum different than the Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) model of bitcoin. The intent of ethereum it makes the transaction less personal:

“In Ethereum will be the re-use of addresses that are encouraged at the protocol level. This is a behavior that makes the account based on the cryptocurrency’s, is inferior to the UTXO-based currency in the area of privacy.’

Ethereum can be the wallet of a domain name

A unique feature of Ethereum is that the name service, the address that associates a human-readable “.eth”field. The researchers have found that the way the 890 walletadressen can be traced back from a real person by looking at their Twitter profile.

It was enough to make suspicious activities. About 10 percent of the wallets have been in contact with the gokplatforms. And 5 percent of the wallets have the time, movies are for the adults involved.

The researchers used, then the use of SEPARATE addresses as a starting point, in order to find out if they have any other addresses that could be linked.

They have suggested a variety of approaches to a specific account holder, to the multiple addresses is to identify which tijdzonehandtekeningen, gas prices, and a shared activity between two or more addresses.

Also, ethereum mixerdiensten are not privacy-sensitive

You can ether become anonymous through the use of a mixer, such as a Tornado, and Cash. This mixer is verhusselt the source of your article is to send it off to a new home.

The researchers found that only 7.5% of blender users can have their coins sent to the same walletadres. That has absolutely no value.

The research is focused on ethereum, however, the researchers warn that some of the techniques in the UTXO-based currencies, such as bitcoin can be used:

“We believe that, in practice, ( … ), also bitcoin is the non-custodial provides a drastic loss of privacy, and fungibility than what the community currently expects”.

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