Ethereum rate of 8,000 USD?

Ethereum will be traded this year hot. After the Ethereum price has fought over the $ 200 he listed currently at almost 280 dollars. 1 ETH Zurich costs a whopping 115 percent more than the beginning of the year. In view of Ethereum 2.0 and the continuous growth in DeFi, the question of how the Ethereum course in the long term will perform it?
This question is dedicated to a number of traders on Twitter. The Trader by turning – figuratively speaking – completely. How seriously one should take the predictions at all and what courses are called, in what period of time? – We educate!

Ethereum course soon at 2,000 or 8,000 dollars?

Before I give a personal rating, I would like to present first, unfiltered, what happened yesterday on Twitter.
Several traders of rank and name were suddenly Ethereum rate forecasts. Among the test subjects for people such as Josh Rager with 65,000 followers, moon over Lord with 66,000 followers, the Crypto Dog with 176.000 followers and Luke Martin of 215,000 followers.
To put it differently: in the crypto world renowned person with a enormous range of ventured out on Tuesday on forecasts for ETH. Let’s start first me Josh Rager.

The Tweet, as such, should already provide for skepticism. A Ethereum rate forecast without an underlying Chart? And an inaccurate indication of time à la “in the next few years”. While some Twitter Users came up with the first Doubt as to the seriousness of the prognosis, there was of course a not insignificant number, holding the forecast at face value.
With this Tweet, the dam was broken and the other traders joined in the forecasts. Shortly thereafter posted @TheCryptoDog following Tweet to the Ethereum course:

Aha. In comparison to the first-mentioned forecast @TheCryptoDog delivered after a specific period of time. By the end of the year, the price of 1 ETH should be at $ 5,000. And how it actually looks until the end of the week? – The Twitter User Cantering Clark is the author of a Post:

It’s crazy that $ETH achieved by the end of the week for $ 50,000.

After all these bullish price forecasts it will bring the truth to light. What is actually behind the forecasts, and we now see soon the 5,000, 8,000 or 50,000 USD?

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A Meme, wishful thinking and the ETH course

Without a doubt, it looks like Ethereum is currently bullish. Both the technical indicators, as well as the fundamentals confirm the positive Trend of ETH. This, however, directly rates of 5,000, 8,000 or even $ 50,000 to deduce, however, is wishful thinking. And it is precisely here that the circle closes. All of the above-mentioned Trader this fact is, of course, aware of this. To predict that Ethereum rate of $ 50,000 up to the end of the week, is simply nonsense.
And so Josh Rager explained just 2 hours after the release of his Tweets that it was merely a Meme. Nevertheless, he would not complain, if the Ethereum course actually reaches the mark of 2,000 dollars.

This kind of ’social Experiment‘ has shown that people with a large reach have a certain amount of Power. If your Reputation is high, you can take advantage of this in order to influence the masses and bring possibly even actions. On the other hand, the response to many of the Tweets clearly shows that the User consider such forecasts to be realistic and fast-from the “Ethereum-fever” infected.

The bet on a rising Ethereum course #long

The article, nevertheless, with a reputable forecast and assessment of the Situation to conclude, I want to show the Tweet from Luke Martin:

He said in his yesterday’s Tweet on the Parallels between the ETH Chart in December 2018 and the current Chart. In December 2018, ETH could rise after a long period of downward trend from 84 USD to 150 USD in a matter of weeks.
Finally, Martin said that he was ‘long’ (=on rising prices bet), when it finish the Ethereum course-creating the day with a green candle. From the current point of view (18.02 – 20.00) is ETH almost 8 percent, and will reach the end of the day most likely with a green candle. So that we may now have a positive expectation of the course.

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What is your opinion about the Ethereum rate forecasts?
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