Ethereum rate of 9,000 USD in the next Bullrun

Bitcoin is the crypto-currency around which everything else revolves. This shows not least the BTC dominance, which is measured by the total market capitalisation currently at about 65%. Just by the Narrative of the digital gold the corona of crisis came from the Asset in the last few weeks and all are looking forward to the Halving, as it goes on. But what about the Altcoins like Ethereum?

Many of them are still about 80-90% of your all-time high from the years of 2017 and beginning of 2018 is removed, and experts are speculating again and again that 99% of all currently existing Coins will become extinct. Nevertheless, projects that are promising and in the last few years, despite massive losses very well have developed are in the Altcoins as before. A Venture Capitalist (venture capitalists) from Germany says now Ethereum rate of 9,000 USD previously, and sees 4 more Altcoins BTC to outperform.

Ethereum to 9,000 USD in the next Bullrun?

When it comes to Simon Dedic, a venture capitalist from Germany, will Ethereum be one of the winners of the next Bullruns. Simon Dedic is a co-founder of Blockfyre, a consulting company for digital Assets, and Managing Partner at moon rock Capital, a venture capital provider for projects in the Crypto and Blockchain-area.

In a recent Post on Twitter, he shared his Altcoin forecast for the next Bullrun. In his opinion, it will be different this Time, as we have seen in 2017. At that time it was almost no matter in what Altcoin you invest, all achieved massive gains. For example, he writes:

In the year 2017, you could literally buy any Old, and it was a good investment.
Imo, this will not happen again.
However, I still believe that the Bullrun is back and the few solid Alts pumps.

One of these “solid Altcoins” Dedic, especially Ethereum. For ETH, he sees a price of 9,000 USD, which corresponds to a current price of 240 USD to a yield of 3.650%. Thus, ETH BTC to lengths to outperform, for he sees “only” a 1500% increase to 150,000 USD would be.

Also for 4 other Altcoins, the risk investors see massive rate increases. So he looks for Chainlink a price of 200 USD, for the Binance Coin a price of 500 USD, for VeChain 1 USD and for Tezos 200 USD.

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ETH development speaks for under-valuation

Thus, the above forecasts for the Altcoins provocative sound, as possible currently a massive under-valuation in the case of Ethereum seems to be. In another Post on the Twitter page of his company Blockfyre to the analysts exactly that. But what leads you to this assumption?

For this purpose, the company compared the 4 indicators with the price development of the last years. The result is that while the Ethereum course since 2017 has substantially subsided, shows the development of the indicators, a steep climb, so, for example, the development activity and the Gas usage.

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