Ethereum: Someone has just paid 82.000 $ fees (656 ETH) for a single transaction

This Morning a transaction has been recorded on the Ethereum block Chain with a fee of 656 ETH. The reason remains a mystery.
In the face of market turbulence and fear, on the market for crypto-currencies have been recorded, some of the strange events on the Blockchain. In the case of Ethereum, there was, for example, a transaction that has many a headache.

Fees 656 ETH for a single transaction?

The Ethereum network, has today recorded a strange transaction. It’s a Smart Contract on the network was created with a fee of 656 ETH.
At the time of writing the 82.222 Dollar equivalent of fees. It is currently unclear whether this was a mistake or if something else is wrong.
The high fee was established by the Hudson Jameson (@Hudson jameson), has written on Twitter about it.

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Many believe that it is an error in the case of an ETH-based Client. Some mention CoinOne, since the transaction may have been associated with it.

Others claim, however, provocative that it wasn’t an accident. Ethereum is yesterday, crashed and lost within just 24 hours, approximately 50% of its value. Therefore, we do not know what was at the time of this decision to the game, such as a user declares.
All in all, the transaction remains a mystery – she is an anomaly on an already surreal day on the crypto markets.

The price slump in Ethereum

Yesterday was the currencies through and through, a bad day for crypto, to put it mildly – but he has revealed some deep problems with Ethereum.
For instance, has repeatedly claimed that DeFi-applications would be used during a corona virus-induced recession becoming more and more popular. In fact, the opposite has happened.
Also the Top holder of Ethereum had yesterday decided to dump on all of you, and “to benefit in a big way”. The man has seen to the On-Chain-metrics that refute the Argument that an accumulation of the Top Wallets does not necessarily mean a bullish momentum.
In addition, Ethereum recorded yesterday and today, massive fee increases on a broad Front. Maybe this can be the most recent transaction in the network for fees, 656 ETH-in connection.
We should also keep in mind that the plus token-fraud is still a large number of ETHs includes Approximately 800,000 ETH sitting in a Wallet.
It is currently unclear whether their owner has already been arrested, but the Bitcoin holdings of the Ponzi scheme to be dumped for a long time consistently in the market.

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