Ethereum will repeat the pattern of Bitcoin in the year 2015, prior to rally for $ 20,000

Since the middle of march, the price of Ethereum by more than 170 per cent. At this time it is 1 of the ether to about 216 euro. However, according to one analyst, it is this price movement was just the beginning.

The effects of the ethereum seem to be very similar to that of bitcoin ” in 2015 and 2016. At that time, bitcoin bottom, before the new bull market began, and eventually to $ 20,000 aantikte. “If you’ve got any accumulation, then we are not friends,” said the analyst, on Twitter.

Huh, that’s an accumulation?

The term ” accumulation based analyst, the Wolf is on the theory of Wyckoff, is a securities and exchange commission in the 19th century and whose ideas continue to be used in the technical analysis.

According to Wyckoff, you would speak of the accumulation where the rate of sideways movement. In this phase, the purchase of smart investors are already in, or before, the price is hard to rise.

In the next phase of the uptrend, with the stock price, especially, are going up. In bitcoin has meant that, at the time, an impressive increase from $ 300 to $ 20,000 in a year and a half’s time. Is Ethereum the same fate, to be doomed?

However, not everyone is positive

If it’s just for the race look, you can see that the future of Ethereum have a big. However, not everyone is as positive.

According to the Multicoin Capital, the manager, Kyle Samani is Final “is faced with some real challenges,” the growth and adoption of Ethereum that will stop it. With the Final being Decentralized Finance is provided, that is, financial applications, which are built on the Ethereum network.

According to Samani, can the block time of 14 seconds, problems for Final: “there is no global system to build for many of the users of a Proof-of-Work chain as a whole. That will work, simply don’t. I think we’re at a plateau, there are some concerns, Final in Ethereum, and not in dollars.”

Nevertheless, it remains a Final on Ethereum to grow. Earlier this week we reported that the value of the Final industry has grown to more than a billion dollars. When the Final continues to grow, it can also have a positive impact on the direction of Ethereum.

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