EToro released its debit card crypto in 2020

December 11, 2019 by Antoine

According to a survey of Etoro, the millennials ‘ interest is unparalleled for crypto-currencies. A craze of solid, which would have pushed the trading platform to issue a debit card crypto in the second quarter of 2020.


A debit card crypto by 2020

According to the revelations of Business Insider, eToro is expected to issue a debit card crypto in the second quarter of 2020.

“This should help to increase the customer satisfaction and to ensure that the application stands out from some of its competitors, as Freetrade,” explained Business Insider.

The news was quickly confirmed publicly by Amy Butler, the global head of public relations of the trading platform. The debit card crypto will be launched for the first time on the uk market before its deployment at the international level. With the release of this new device, eToro account to broaden its offering with crypto-investors.

A booming market

A survey conducted by eToro in September suggests that more than 40% of millennials would prefer to turn in droves to the crypto-assets in the period of recession.

“We believe that in the event of a recession, the stock portfolios would decrease and other asset classes, such as crypto, would see growth, as new models of investment “, stressed Guy Hirsck, the director-general of eToro Us at the time.

The online broker intends to diversify its revenue by positioning itself in the promising market of crypto-currencies. In this perspective, eToro has launched a crypto-platform in April last year and focuses its efforts in the issuance of a debit card crypto.
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