Except in Bitcoin: What are the sectors still show strength, while the Coronavirus pandemic?

The world economy is at a standstill, but some of the Startups and sectors in spite of the confusion as resilient.
Bitcoin has exceeded the expectations after a terrible performance last Thursday. Currently, he is approximately 18% above the daily rate and is traded at the time of writing for about 6.630 dollars. Bitcoin is not the only investment that shows in this turbulent time strength.

The sectors with the best Performance

Although we are trapped in our homes, were able to thrive in some industries, despite the historic slump of the overall market.
Remote work has increased significantly. Zoom, for example, a wave of new users has experienced, as many take their work home with them. Remarkably, they had during this whole ordeal, no downtime.
Also in the area of Gaming and Online entertainment have been recorded in recent time record. The game platform Steam has reached over the weekend, a record, since about 20 million people were at the same time on the Gamble. Probably this number will increase with the Continuation of the Isolation.
Because the Americans in particular rely more on food delivery services, these are very active lately. A small establishment in the area of food supplies, Blue Apron, has experienced thanks to the confidence of investors since 2018, an increase of 1,100%. For many food businesses the delivery is the only Service that keeps you above water.
These are just some of the by Matt Turck (@mattturck) mentioned sectors. Other sectors experienced according to experts, during this lock time, a recovery, social media, Online education and tele-health services.

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Crypto-currencies need to prove their worth yet

The block chain sector is largely digital, or at least it should be in these difficult times. However, he is young and relatively untested.
This is part of the reason for this is that the entire market for crypto-currencies suffered last Thursday in a drastic loss of 50%. Lately, he has the market exceeded the expectations and continues to recover strongly – even in the midst of the losses on the shares.
This has led some analysts with bullish forecasts return.
Although no one can say whether this rally continues, it seems the perfect time for crypto-currencies to come. Most of the jobs within the crypto industry are decentralised, so she’s ready for a Flourish.
However, cryptographic remain the currencies currently, a risk factor with an uncertain future. We will have to watch the macro-trends, to evaluate how the block chain space will develop in the coming months.

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