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The people’s Bank of China works full-speed on your digital currency, in an environment of secrecy.The Central Bank of Venezuela withdrew from its website the listing of the Petro as a unit of accounting.During the week that has elapsed between the 2 and the 8 of September, the price of bitcoin (BTC) is moved around the USD $ 10.500, with a few peaks that exceeded us $ 11,000 during the 6 of September, according to data from CoinMarketCap. At the time of writing of this note, its value is USD $ 10.531, according to the same portal.Between the information of the week, highlights the exchange control established in Argentina by the government of Mauricio Macri. The decree demanded that the collections of exports of services is liquidate in the local market within five business days. The standard affected the recovery of services from the outside with cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, in Venezuela it is known that the exchange rate between the bolivar and the dollar suffered significant changes. It is added that the inflationary process in venezuela also resulted in a loss of the value of the bolivar compared to bitcoin.With Breaking News Latin americans can stay up to date on changes in the market prices of bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash and litecoin with relation to your local currency. To do this, you can visit the section of the Market is Latin, which has a pricing calculator to perform conversions quickly and easily.Among other information of interest, is a study of the Messari, which asserts that the cryptocurrencies with pitches righteous generate the greatest return on investment. 12 cryptocurrencies are in that classification, and recorded a 43% return on investment, from the first of January, 2019 until the date.

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On 2 September, entered into force a new decree by which the residents of Argentine wishing to buy dollars or transfer, require the authorisation of the Central Bank. Establishing a change control that will be in force until the end of this year. In this context, the strengths of bitcoin as a store of value, have been put in evidence.A minidocumental published in the magazine KISS tells the story of two sisters who call CyberCode Twins (Twin of the code). These twins were able to obtain financial stability thanks to bitcoin, and since then they work in the development of solutions that involve the technology of the cryptocurrencies and that have social impact.The academic Perpalo Benign, along to economists Linda M. Schilling, and Harald Uhlig, published an article titled Cryptocurrencies, currency competition, and the impossible trinity, trying to mathematically prove that Bitcoin disrupting the monetary policy of the international. The researchers argue that the presence of cryptocurrencies global makes the impossible trinity —a concept in international economic that argues that it is not possible to maintain a fixed exchange rate, a movement of capital free of controls and an independent monetary policy— is in fact less as possible.During the week of 25 to 31 August, the trade from Venezuela through LocalBitcoins reached a new historical maximum of bolivars exchanged for bitcoin. The figure you SEE 116.870 million represents an increase of more than 50% from the historic peak that preceded him, registered the previous week. This increase in the bitcoins traded does not correspond to the new historical figure reflected in bolivars. Which shows the level of devaluation of the national currency of venezuela with respect to other currencies like the us dollar and, in this case, bitcoin.An analysis of Messari argues that the greatest return on investment (ROI) so far this year is observed in the cryptocurrencies that, like bitcoin, they had a launch just. This September 4, Messari published investment returns, since the start of 2019 to the date, four categories of cryptocurrencies by type of launch: launch just, bifurcations hard, public sale and those that are distributed only through private sales.


The people’s Bank of China (PBoC) is working at full speed in its plans of development of a digital currency central bank (CBDC), with the hope of competing with the criptomoneda Pound, of Facebook, in the market. A team belonging to the Research Laboratory of Digital Coins Central Bank is dedicated to the development of the system in an environment behind closed doors, said a person close to the bank.On the 5th of September it became known that the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) decided to remove from its website the listing of the Petro as a unit of accounting. On the page of the entity with the issuer, the space that was located at the petro as a unit of account at this time only displays the parity of the bolivar in relation to the currency fiduciary. In this regard, the economist and academic from the Metropolitan University Luis Oliveros, “the Petro as a unit of accounting does not exist. It was something that never existed”.The past 6 September, more than 94,000 BTC, which currently have a value of more than USD 1,000 million, moved to an unknown address, possibly associated with Bakkt. The transaction consolidated bitcoins of 92 different entries and 15 addresses, to a single address that now has 94.505,8 BTC. More than half of the amount sent (56%) came from a single direction.If you want to know the meaning of several words from the terminology of the criptomundo, you can reference the extensive Glossary of Breaking News.

API (Application Programming Interface): set of functions, procedures and subroutines used for the development of software for applications. Developers benefit from the functions of an API in a specific order to avoid having to program the entire application from the beginning.

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One of the most recognized within the criptoecosistema for the creation of tokens is the Omni Layer. This platform is the precursor of the Initial Offerings of Currency (ICO) for the joint financing. Another point in favour of this service is that it was chosen for the creation of tether, a stablecoin, the price of which is anchored to the dollar of the united States and currently represents the token with the highest market capitalization.