EXMO provides a profitable Cashback System

This article is a guest post. Crypto Monday any liability for the content of this article assumes for damages resulting therefrom. It is your responsibility to check the reader of the correctness of the written information, before he can think about it, to take any offered services or products. DYOR!The European Cryptocurrency exchange EXMO offers users the possibility to achieve with the specially designed cash back program, significant savings in trading.Since the crypto-currency market is a young industry, we are eye-witnesses of its creation. Today, it is for a potential Investor is essential to find a purse, which he can entrust the money. Fortunately, EXMO is one of the few exchanges that operate since 2013 on the market, with an impeccable security system (there was in the history of the company, not a single theft of user funds) and a large selection of payment instruments with low fees for both deposits and withdrawals. The platform offers trading pairs with Fiat currencies such as EUR and USD. The company’s activities are supported by licenses for the provision of crypto-currency-exchange services. In addition, the platform Token in the year 2019 your wallet – EXMO Coin (EXM) – edited, designed, to obtain significant advantages on the platform. With the stock market you can make here are familiar with.We concluded with a brief historical digression and are now willing to discuss the iconic features of the platform, which will help the trader to invest effectively in crypto-currency.

Why is the trade on the EXMO profitable?

The experts of the platform have developed a special Instrument for traders – the Cashback-System. Cashback allows you to refund a portion of the Commissions for completed transactions and is calculated on a daily basis. The return percentage depends on the trading volume for the last 30 days.This Tool can be considered as unique – with a trade volume of$ 1,000 per month, the user receives already a portion of the trading Commission. A well thought out Cashback System allows 99% of the platform users, to reduce the trading fees significantly. More information on return commissions, you can find here.

Extra discount with a Premium Cashback

A further advantage of the platform to purchase Premium Cashback is an additional discount on trading commissions – is. Premium Cashback packages can be purchased with the EXMO Coin Exchange Token. The minimum package price is only $1 (in the EXMO-Equivalent). All the details of the Premium Cashback tariff packages can be found here.In addition, dealers can purchase with a Premium Cashback in a package with a discount of 100% on the trade Commission. A trader is not only reduces the trade Commission for Maker transactions, but will receive a 100%refund.

Special Commission of restitution and conditions for Market Maker

The platform implements a special Cashback terms and conditions for algorithmic trading. The Team provided an automatic Cashback of up to 100% (rebate payments) for Maker transactions for traders with large trading volume.This implies built-in conditions for the Marketing. In order to receive discounts for transactions, you need to spend now, no more time for the signing of individual contracts. All of the trader with a certain trade volume daily receive a discount with Cashback.

As A Conclusion

The advantages described above are not only great words, but through data-based facts. You can save money by trading on EXMO actually money and, therefore, earn more than other crypto-currency exchanges. The Cashback and Premium Cashback tariff system is designed in a way that your ROI is always positive.

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