Extreme value development: what is the ownership of a Bitcoin can change your life

One thing, the us of the epic Bitcoin bull run in 2017, has taught, is to HODLn. Meanwhile, there are significantly more people who own Bitcoin, as this was still the case two years ago. More and more people hold BTC, and this Trend is set to continue. To keep a small amount of Bitcoin, it could change your life in one or two decades.

HODLn for the future

With over 18 million Bitcoins in circulation and the fast approaching next halving of supply and demand will win in the next few years, becoming more and more important. Several industry experts suggest: Anyone who deals with crypto markets, you should a minimum of have a Bitcoin.
Bitcoin pioneer Charlie Shrem has developed this view a little further – he estimates that 5-10 BTC will change in twenty years of life.

“To be honest, the best way, #bitcoin is for ever to get 5 to 10 BTC and store it in Cold Storage, on the self, you do not have access. I really believe that 5 to 10 Bitcoin in 20 years, super life-changing is his money.“

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He could be right – however, the amount is the bottom line far outside the financial reach of most people. The least have 45,000 to $ 90,000 left to invest in Bitcoin, it is a more realistic goal is to have only a single.
Binance indicates that the current supply and the number of people in the world, on average, each Person only 0.003 BTC can hold.
Translated, this means: 24 Euro for 300,000 Satoshis – which is likely to be for the most significantly more affordable and a good starting point for the Accumulation of Satoshi’s offer (the Sats, for short stacking sats).

Bitcoin over Fiat

The world economy is already on the precipice: The Central banks begin to take more drastic measures to get their countries to the life. This will exert extreme pressure on most of the Fiat currencies that are printed always at the discretion of the banks, if the debt to escalate.
The world’s leading economic and reserve currency is in trouble. Change is in the air – and the days of Dollar dominance are drawing to a close. One hundred years ago you could buy with 100 dollars is the same amount of food, clothing and household needs, for you, today, about 2,500 dollars to spend. The System is simply not sustainable.
The former Congressman and Bitcoin COP Ron Paul commented on the continuing devaluation of the dollar and the massive flaws in the current banking system as follows:

“The dollars for which you work hard to buy less and less, but the government tells you that there is not enough Inflation. The Fed is a government-created monopoly, which falsifies the Dollar by the trillions, and you should believe that it is “capitalism”.”

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Bitcoin solves this Problem: It was designed to do just that and can move, in the long run in only one direction: upwards. For younger, crypto-interested generations and institutions in the future. So a small amount of Bitcoin is enough to change your life – as soon as one of the many predictions come true.

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Eve Manning

Eve Manning

A native Texan, Eve first started out as a Finance Analyst and later realized that her true passion was not in trading but in writing. She leverages her experience in the Finance industry to analyse and write in-depth news articles covering the Cryptocurrencies, Economy & Finance industries.