Fall and silence of Bitinka increased uncertainty among its users | Breaking News

The website of the house of the change of cryptocurrencies Bitinka was out of line at least seven hours on Wednesday 11 September, which generated more uncertainty among its users, who for months have demanded the release and return of the funds held in this platform of exchange.The tension was even higher because none of the parent companies of the brand Bitinka, Inka Ventures or InkaPayments, announced by any of its channels, the fall of your platform. Or on Twitter, or on your web page, blog, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn released the news about the temporary cessation of operations.The disruption without public notification was interpreted by users as an act done under a halo of darkness in which the official information was conspicuous by its absence. One of the users who showed their concern was Francisco Pulido, who is from Colombia, pointed out to Breaking News that the platform was closed.“Since February of 2019 Bitinka has retained all of the assets of fiat, and cryptocurrencies. I inform you that (now) because the server is not found, that is to say, the platform is closed,” he said in an e-mail sent to this newspaper. Breaking News found the fall of the page since 9:30 in the morning of this Wednesday, up until approximately 4:30 pm, hour of Venezuela.This publishing house sent an e-mail requesting information about what happened to Roger Benites, CEO of Bitinka, but the contact attempt is not answered at the time of publication of this article.Another of those affected, who has claimed the withholding of funds and the defendant to Bitinka, is Federico Gastón Bernini, who pointed directly to Benites on what you have been experiencing and said: “Unfortunately it is what we expected. Roger Benites already opened other companies seeking to shirk the responsibilities of Bitinka. I think that is already more than obvious what they do these guys.”

CoinMarketCap reflected the failure

The situation that occurred with Bitinka was recorded by the index of cryptocurrencies and tokens CoinMarketCap (CMC). The service reflected in its section dedicated to this startup, of peruvian origin, which did not receive information since it was 25 hours and also provided data on the volumes exchanged or the more pairs that are exchanged between operators.Once lifted the platform Bitinka, information began to be updated in the page. However, CoinMarketCap posted a message that warned of reports that point to alleged difficulties in withdrawing funds from this exchange house.CoinMarketCap reflected that they did not receive updates on the operations of Bitinka since it was 25 hours. Source: CoinMarketCap.“We have received reports that the withdrawals from the users may be hampered. Be careful with their funds,” said CoinMarketCap. It is not clear if this warning of CMC was spread before what happened this Wednesday, or is it a message derived from the interruption of service today, September 11.It is worth mentioning that Bitinka is signalled by dozens of users, who claim that the platform froze funds and blocked their accounts. Even in Argentina is in the process of a lawsuit against the parent company for 417.000 usd. In his defense Bitinka has said that users took advantage of an internal failure of your service which generated revenues are not recognized.