‘Fed should be more transparent about the CBDC’

According to the American politician Tom Emmer, should the U.S. be more openness about the research, and the development plans for a private Central Bank, Digital Currency. That said, a Bucket, a meeting of the Committee on financial services, U.s. House of Representatives. Emmer is the co-chair of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus and has introduced a series of bills filed in the areas of blockchaintechnologie.

At the meeting of the House of Representatives, was the need for a digital dollar in times of crisis, such as the coronapandemie will be discussed. Congressman Stephen Lynch has acted as the chairman of the working group on FinTech.


More transparency is needed

Emmer talked about the work of the us Federal Reserve (Fed) the U.s. central bank. According to the Bucket in the current work, a process that I strongly support, but not to the level of public awareness and the transparency of that I basically necessary for any such endeavour.”

In his opening speech, emphasised the Bucket of the need for new payment systems that are open and readily available, so he pointed out that “the cash is in a public payment infrastructure is.

“The dollar is about to change, and that the Americans deserve a full explanation of the work that is being done and the considerations that they need to make in order to make sure that their leaders, their freedom, and their methods of payments in the future as well.’

When will there be a digital dollar?

In February, told us, Jerome Powell, the chairman of the Federal reserve, the Central Bank, the Digital Currency of the united states: “We are working hard to get there, we have a lot of projects going on, a lot of the effort at the moment.’ However, he stressed that the Fed is no final decision had been taken on whether or not to proceed with the launch of a CBDC.

It seems more and more that there is a digital version of the dollar. In the case of the corona virus appears to be acting as a catalyst for the launch of a CBDC, for example, to the issue of the stimulusbetalingen to the American people. We are looking forward to seeing all the developments in the market.

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