Final token is a after a one-day 2.374 dollars, but according to the author ‘useless’

The local financial sector (the Final) is the newest hype in the cryptowereld. However, there is a token that is a carry, that is YFI. The token is increased during the day after the day of the launch, with more than 4,000 percent, and was at one time 2.374 dollars. How can it be so fast?

The token is associated with the Final platform, to yearn.and finance and it is developed by just one man, Andre Cronje. The platform is still under development, but is made up of various local financial services. Just think of trading with leverage, and the switching of funds between different platforms.

‘Worthless token, ” which is up for vote, it is referred to

But all of a sudden, there was the YFI token. On his blog, says Cronje as to why this token has been developed.

“All of our systems, controls, user-configurable fees, maintenance of rolling stock and lines that have been changed can be made. Up to now, these things are managed by us.”

But this control is not always the YFI was launched. The token is primarily designed to get you to vote for change. Or, as Cronje’s own when he said:

“In further attempts to control it (mostly because we’re lazy and don’t want to do that, we have YFI will be released. A completely worthless token. Again, it has a zero value. There is no pre-mine, no, but you can’t buy it, and no, it doesn’t appear to Uniswap.”

But still, it’s different

All of the warnings to the contrary, it went all the way to the other side. Someone has to YFI on Saturday at the Uniswap, and weather services listed, so people were speculating on the value of the token. And the rest is history. YFI started out with a value of $ 30 and received the next day, after an all-time high of 2.374 dollars. You can see from the chart below, taken from Coingecko.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, says Andre, Cronje had nothing at all to understand it: “to be Honest, I just wanted to show that the voting split, the contracts would no longer manage them.”

However Cronje, that everything will soon return to normal, and added: “The award is of no consequence to me.”

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