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Bitcoin is a currency on the rise that, in addition to being digital, has a number of features that set them apart from the euro, the pound or any other currency traditional. The Bitcoin brings many benefits to the users and, therefore, is currently the criptomoneda with more users.

1. Using a decentralized system

Unlike fiat money, in the cryptocurrencies in general does not involve any third party, such as banks, or are controlled by any entity, such as Governments or Central Banks. In this way, the value of the cryptocurrencies can not be manipulated at the whim of a few. Bitcoin, then, is characterized by being completely decentralized, the transactions will not be tracked by any economic authority to operate as an intermediary, but this work will take place under the collective of the network.

2. Have emission controlled

Will have an emission limit that will reach 21 million. This makes it a currency that tends to appreciate against other. Throughout the development of a criptomoneda is described in their whitepaper and it is closed in your code. Its value cannot be manipulated by governments.

3. Transactions in real-time

Any transfer of money from one country to another usually demand between 24 and 72 hours. This currency is transferred in real time from one account to another and are very cheap because, among other reasons, avoid the bank fees. With Bitcoin, you can send and receive any amount of money instantly to and from anywhere in the world, at any time. No banks at all times. Without borders. Without limits imposed. Users of Bitcoin will always have a full control over your money.

4. High portability

One of the distinguishing characteristics of money is portability, which means that it should be easy to carry and use. Because Bitcoin is a fully digital, virtually any sum of money you can bring in a flash drive, or even stored online. The cryptocurrencies give people the freedom to send and receive money with just the scan of a QR code or a click on an online wallet. It takes very little time, there are no fees outrageous, and the money goes from person to person without an intermediate unnecessary; all you need is to have access to the Internet.

5. Geographical limitation

While there are some currencies traditional as the dollar and the euro are accepted in a number of countries, most of the currencies of the world can only operate within the geographical borders of their country of origin. On the other hand, the Bitcoin is a currency that is kept online and can be used anywhere in the world.

Keep betting on the development of Bitcoin

The technology of Bitcoin is still not finished developing, still growing as they are adding developers to the project. So same, yet the currency has not been adopted so really massive, which means that we do not know how to work this coin when all the world is using it. What we can note is that we get to a point where people have the power to decide how to maintain and protect your money, today individuals can save their earnings in a bank account as well as change them in cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin and store them in a wallet. Bitcoin is becoming a refuge for many people, from investors to individuals common. As you can see, today, the digital economy is based on Bitcoin has advantages that optimize and accelerate business operations; it represents a decentralized approach where each person or user is a mini bank, which manages its own operations, which does not depend on agencies or financial authorities to perform any operation. Obviously it is still in the process of improvement and growth, situations such as hacking, or high volatilities in prices are arguments that indicate that having fiat money is the logical thing to do; but the preparation and the mechanisms that are taken for users to manage cryptocurrencies iran creating a trend towards the digital economy safely and reliably. The following two tabs change content below. Venezuelan, student of the last semester of Social Communication. Attracted by the new technologies and the development that they offer to humanity.

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