Flash-Crash: Bitcoin is consolidating – the BTC price before a big move?

The Bitcoin price looks bearish, activity and Investment interest to take more. Analysts are optimistic that the market is recovering – but when the cops return?

Slight increase of the Bitcoin price in March

Bitcoin has on 20. February, a correction started, which has frustrated many investors. However, the price has gone since the beginning of March slowly to the top. The flagship crypto-currency has risen this month by two per cent.
Analyst DonAlt predicts that Bitcoin for the near future is clearly at a crossroads, but the overall indicators suggest there is still an upward movement.
An important factor, the results from the current technical data is the fact that the Bitcoin price is far less volatile than in February. This type of price consolidation in General leads to an extraordinary movement.
Also, the current market conditions reflect the the last few years, as prices began to rise around March, and the gains continued until July.
It is also worth noting that the interest in Altcoins will continue to increase, since many investors use this opportunity to accumulate. Ethereum, for example, has developed in the last few days is far better than Bitcoin, regardless of a correction in the last twenty-four hours. The overall mood is still very positive.

In addition to factors in the market influence

The good news in connection with use and distribution were positive, what impact clearly on the market out. The judgment of the Supreme court of India in favour of crypto and banking transactions led to a jump in prices, even if only temporarily. It will have an impact however in the long term.
In addition, many of the Blockchain-watching platforms, a significant increase in the activities of the network. Bitcoin Mining is at an all time high, and the number of transactions processed through the Bitcoin network is growing from day to day. Overall, the activity in the Blockchain network is significantly higher than a year ago.
In the real world the usage is increasing. Ripple is moving more Fiat on its network as Paypal, and VeChain brings continue to be important players in its Ecosystem.
While crypto is not used as a currency, as before, enough, more merchants than ever before steps to accept crypto.
The imminent halving is part of any market analysis. All analysts agree that the reduction of the Bitcoin supply, the price is likely to increase.
The impact of the halving of the entire crypto space can not of course be known, but it is hard to see a downside.
Although a short-term price recovery is not secure, there is little doubt that the sideways movement of Bitcoin will soon come to an end. An upward movement will clearly contribute to the increasing evidence that a bull has begun to market.

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