Football Club PSG published their own Fan Coin

Blockchain and crypto-currencies have many applications and the number of these Use Cases will increase even more in the future. In the Crypto-Space well-known Speaker, Andreas Antonopoulos predicted for the coming decades, that there could be hundreds of thousands of Coins. This would not always have a monetary value, but rather an emotional place within a small Community. The first beginnings of this bold prediction, we will now see that the famous Parisian football Club PSG has now brought out its own crypto currency. With this, the Fan experience could be revolutionized in the future completely.

First crypto-currency for the PSG

Already in 2018 were the first reports on the plan of the world-famous reading football club PSG that he wants to publish his own crypto currency. This is going to happen now matching according to Reports.
Trailer of the Paris club can get the Fan Token now on the Blockchain platform Socios. In addition, a suitable App is available now, with the help of the Fans with the help of the token with the club in interaction can occur.

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Revolution of the Fan experience?

This interaction includes, for example, participation in the decisions of the Association. Already, Fans can participate in a survey where you can vote with the help of the PSG crypto-currency about which spell to put on the bracelet of captain Thiago Silva. In the future, the Fans should also, for example, the Song that is played at a goal.
The Association has made it clear that the Fans are able to earn reward points, which you get, among other things, access to unique Club Merchandise, a PSG-game of the honorary grandstand and current PSG Stars and legends can meet.
The PSG Fan Token is only the beginning of a whole development. Should prove this Use Case of crypto-currencies, it is only a matter of time before other sports follow suit, clubs or Communities.
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