Football club-Watford are playing now with the bitcoin logo on your shirt

The players of the football club Watford are playing now is a shirt with a well-known bitcoin logo (lwa). The club is in the region of London is also going to bitcoin (BTC) as a method of payment to accept.

Bitcoin (BTC) logo on the shirt

This is possible with a computer, then have their merchandise on sale. That’s what makes the Premier League club announced on its web site. This innovation is the result of a partnership with a gaming platform Sportsbet.po.
This is the most important shirtsponsor the hekkensluiter. On its website, the club offers extensive information about bitcoin and the underlying technology.
Sportsbet also has a crowd-funding action to open, with fans, with the bitcoin can provide certain activities, such as displaying your name on a billboard in the stadium, and a real crypto meetup, or a signed t-shirt.

Web: an Astronaut on the moon t-shirt.

Bitcoin Magazine in the Netherlands, has recently launched her web shop is launched, we have steadily expanded with a cool bitcoin items.
Feel free to have a look around! Our first shirts are now on order.

Practice what you preach: Bitcoin has been since the start of this week, will also be added as a method of payment.

The new Bitcoin News: The sales of bitcoin miners, the measures by The Dutch central Bank, as well as Chinese coffee shops.
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