For the seventh year laBITconf meet in Uruguay on the ecosystem, Bitcoin in Latin america

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The event will feature more than 50 speakers, including Andreas Antonopoulos, Adam Back, and David Chaum.LaBITconf is the annual conference, the largest meeting held in Latin America since the year 2013.Latin america has met in six occasions, the most important actors of the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies under one roof. Within days of the end of the 2019, the continent once again becomes a place of encounter with the goal of celebrating the seventh edition of the Latin american Conference on Bitcoin and Blockchain (laBITconf). The academic Andreas Antonopoulos, the CEO of Blockstream’s Adam Back, and educator Jimmy Song —just to mention a few— will travel this year to the capital of Uruguay to attend the event in Latin america.The conference will be held the days 12 and 13 December in the Radisson hotel Montevideo Victoria Plaza, located in the Plaza Independent of Montevideo. However, it will also feature additional activities for those participants who are in Uruguay the days 11, 14 and 15 December. The event will convene personalities from 20 different countries, bringing together more than 50 speakers, who will disclose developments related to the ecosystem.The speakers will cover topics such as the importance of bitcoin in emerging markets or the system of incentives. Also, they will talk about the cryptocurrencies anchored, the criptoactivo of Facebook, Pound, and about the regulations within and outside of Latin America. Another important detail to note is that all the interventions have translations simultaneously to Spanish and English speakers.This is the first time that Uruguay is home to laBITconf in its territory. An initiative that could give greater visibility to the startups specialized in the blockchain at the national level. Source: Olaf Speier / the speeches, the organizers of laBITconf ensure that the conference is a cultural experience. Attendees will not only learn about the community blockchain international, but will also learn about Uruguay and will be able to visit tourist places of the city. In this way, they ensure that laBITconf is a must event for enthusiasts of the ecosystem.

What makes laBITconf a legend in Latin?

Since its launch in 2013, the year after year the number of attendees to laBITconf has increased considerably. This is due to a compelling reason: the speakers invited to the conference. laBITconf has become an international benchmark because it is one of the few events in Latin america that has managed to summon personalities of the stature of the academic and expert on Bitcoin Andreas Antonopoulos, and even developers such as Peter Todd or Luke Dashjr.The initiative fulfilled seven years, 2019, after which the NGO Bitcoin Argentina organized the first conference in the city of Buenos Aires in the year 2013. The event became a date assiduous when, a year later in Mexico City, was held again with the presence of Jeff Garzik Bitcoin Core, Anthony Di lorio of Ethereum and Nicolas Cary co-founder of Blockchain. In 2015 the conference was scheduled in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. An event, which was attended by personalities such as Sergio Lerner of IOV Labs and the creator of Dash, Evan Duffield.In the fourth and fifth edition, held in Argentina and Colombia, respectively, laBITconf materialized support of the regional government and the presence of developers like Nick Szabo and Peter Todd. By the year 2018, the profile of laBITconf was already widely known, counting with more than 600 attendees. The event, held in Santiago de Chile, managed to convene to Andreas Antonopoulos, Zooko Wilcox of Zcash, the popularization of Bitcoin, Giacomo Zucco, and the developer Luke Dashjr.This year will bring together over 50 speakers to LaBITconf, highlighting the presence of personalities from the ecosystem in Latin america. Source: LaBITconf.In this latest edition, which will be held in Uruguay, several of the personalities mentioned above will attend again to the event, such as Antonopoulos and Giacomo Zucco. Similarly, actors such as Erick Voorhees of Shapeshift, David Chaum of Elixxir, Adam Back of Blockstream and Jimmy Song, of Blockchain Capital, will be part of a new panel that will be incorporated into the conference. Because this is an event organized for Spanish speakers, nor does it lack the assistance of Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar of RSK Labs, Arley Lozano of Panda Group and Alex Preukschat of NGOS in Spain, to mention but a few. Our CEO in Breaking News, Hector Cardenas, will also be present on the stage,IOV Labs talking about the use of the cryptocurrencies and the market of mining in Venezuela.

How can I attend?

If you are interested in attending the next edition of laBITconf the only thing you need is access to the web page of the event. The portal has a special section for participants to buy their tickets online. This way, you can choose between four offers that offer different plans to enjoy the conference in Montevideo.General admission tickets cost 220 us dollars, and offer access to all classrooms, as well as coffee breaks. On the other hand, the inputs business have a value of 450 dollars for preferred seating, a welcome kit and access to a private lounge.For those who wish to make tourism in Uruguay, you can also pay a ticket of $ 700. This plan offers a welcoming toast to the country on the 11th of December, dinner, and karaoke for the 12 December, the feast at the hotel’s pool and private activities with the speakers on the last day of the conference. Those attendees who are willing to pay an entrance fee of $ 1,000, will be able to enjoy all the experiences described above along with a trip to Punta del Este that includes drinks and a lunch in the restaurant the most iconic in the area.The organizers recommend to anyone interested in attending that you book in advance your flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina. From this city the wizards will take a Ferry to Montevideo, using the company BuqueBus. The Radisson hotel Montevideo Victoria Plaza, where will be held the conference, will be offering special prices for the speakers of the event.In the web site of LaBITconf you can find more information about schedules and topics that you will discuss each panel.You can also connect and share your experience by clicking on the social networks of the event:e-Mail: (email protected)Twitter: of liability: The contents and the links provided in this article only meet for informational purposes. Breaking News does not provide recommendations or advice on legal, financial, or investment, or replace the due diligence of each interested party. Breaking News does not endorse any Initial Offer of Currency (ICO), investment offer or similar here promoted. For more information click here.

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