Four ventures with blockchains are included in the list IE Govtech

Key facts:

Appear a mexican company, other argentina, one from Spain and another argentine-american.Their solutions use records distributed to offer new digital services.Four companies of Latin america that provide services to government agencies, with technology accounting distributed (DLT), or blockchains, were included in the first edition of the list IE Govtech, a ranking of the top 100 startups who designed and executed solutions to state entities.In the list of startups featured, prepared by the IE University in Spain, are the mexican Os City, the argentina Signature, the Spanish Tekntrash and the argentine-american Democracy Earth, although this last appears as a mexican in the ranking. The list was divided into four sections, depending on the type of business of companies that are: the provision of services, public management and integrity, digital infrastructure and democratic quality.In the case of those related to blockchains, Os City offers an interoperable platform open source (RSK) “for governments to develop their digital layer, avoiding the silos of data”. In your proposal also uses artificial intelligence and cloud computing to increase the efficiency of governments in their challenge of digital transformation.Democracy Earth develops open-source software to promote democracy and to understand how it is the future of this system in times of the internet. His proposal is based on the tool Sovereign that operates on any type of blockchain.The Spanish Tekntrash specializes in the management of waste to improve the environment, using in addition to machine vision and Big Data to identify registered products as they pass through the tape transport of waste. Uses a solution called FullCircle that combines all of the above, although it does not specify what type of network you use for data logging.The fourth company included in the ranking was the argentina Symbol that evolves in the field of cybersecurity. His proposal is based on a platform, about Bitcoin, to digitally sign and certify documents.

Contributions to public institutions

The initiative of the laboratory Publictech of the IE University tries to “bring the new solutions of the startups to the reality of public institutions”. That is to say, are proposals that are focused beyond profit-seeking and looking for a greater administrative efficiency, which includes solutions for local challenges to applications of global reach.”Most of the solutions focus on the improvement of the provision of services (37%) and public administration (31%), indicating that the startups and smes digital can be a great value especially in the ‘last mile’ of service to the citizen, and in the day-to-day operations and decision making of public officials”, referred to IE University about the edition 2020 of Latin america.During the last few years the accounting distributed, a original technology of Bitcoin as a digital system, has been applied to a variety of fields and business models. These range from the traceability of products, digital identity, to the transparency in bidding processes, among others.

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