France reveals program cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrencies and technology Blockchain are the future of the economy. And so we have recognized the majority of the nations of the world, which try to not stay behind, developing their own capacities in a Blockchain. What has taken him to countries such as China to start developing their own virtual currency. And to France to create your own program around these assets, such as it has become known recently.

Virtual currencies government

Since some time ago, the governments of the world have been shown to be very interested in the development of their capabilities Blockchain. Especially, in the creation of virtual coins that allow them to obtain the benefits of cryptocurrencies. Without giving up control over their monetary policy. This trend has been accelerated especially after the announcement in mid-June, of the future of virtual currency of Facebook, Pound. Which represents a significant threat to the ability of governments to control the value of its currency at will. Since, a virtual currency that has the financial backing of Facebook, and another twenty large companies world-class. Would have the capacity to influence decisively in the foreign exchange markets around the world. And therefore, of challenging the power of the States in the same. This has led to an acceleration in the plans of governments such as that of France for the development of virtual currencies by the government. That they can offer to their population the same advantages in terms of flexibility and speed they have the cryptocurrencies. But manteniendolas within the scope of action and control of the governments. So, we have been witnesses of how Tunisia has begun the process of digitization of its currency, the tunisian dinar, which will now have as its counterpart the e-Dinar. At the same time that China is going to be revealing details of the process of creating your own virtual currency.

The French attitude in front of the cryptocurrencies

Within this effort of the governments of the world to stay a step ahead of virtual currency-based non-governmental. France has been one of the countries most hostile, in front of the emergence of alternative currencies beyond the control of the government. Having come to announce that it would not allow the development of Pounds in european territory. Which does not mean that the French government does not understand the need to increase their knowledge in technology Blockchain. Something that has become clear after the Central Bank of France, the Banque de France, issue a job opportunity in the institution this October 16. Announcing that I was in search of an analyst Blockchain, which assisted the bank in the implementation of a virtual currency French. To obtain the position, the applicant must have experience in crypto economy, game theory, and chains of blocks, public or private. As well as be willing to participate in exchanges of experiences with other crypto experts from the european system. This movement on the part of the Banque de France is a further demonstration of the importance of the new technology Blockchain has to governments. As well as, a preview of what the world could be in just a few years. When States start issuing their virtual coins. What makes this our Fact of the Day here in CriptoTendencia. The following two tabs change content below. Student of International Studies, interested in issues of economy and international politics. Passionate about the progress of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in general and the cryptocurrencies in particular.

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