Fraudsters launch a ICO fictional Libra in an announcement on Twitter

February 1, 2020 by Victor

While the future of the stablecoin of Facebook is being challenged by the institutions, the fraudsters have not failed to take advantage of this disorder regulatory trap for investors. Recently, it is from a message on Twitter that hackers have attempted to sell tokens Libra through a fake ICO.

The wave of scam on Libra continues

At the end of a series of hearings the senate overwhelming on the project of the crypto-currency of Facebook, the program Libra had clearly announced that the launch of the famous chip digital managed by the social network number one, and its a few tens of partners would not be feasible for 2020.
The opacity of the approval process of the project as well as the different media-conference of the Libra, however, have left a doubt in the mind of investors excited. In this case, a large majority of people still remain ignorant of the official position of the project and are subject to scams.
In this perspective, the crooks have emerged in social media to make it look like an official sale of stablecoins Libra. Among the latest attempts, there has been a false platform of ICO, who announced on Twitter the sharing of tokens Libra against Ethereum at a ratio of 0.1 Ethereum for 500 million tokens Libra.

A scam clumsy but effective

As soon as the first analyses, the specialists of Cryptoslate have detected obvious signs of the scam. In a first time, the media platform Blockchain has found that 40% of the country’s 12,000 enrolled in the ICO were fake investors.
In a second time, the message posted on twitter to announce the opening of the ICO was full of mistakes. However, these small imperfections are far off the enthusiasm of some careless, knowing that other types of “scam” like this have already affected thousands of people in recent years.
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