Free Bitcoin buy in corona crisis

The dream of every Bitcoin Investor could buy be become 2020: free Bitcoin. And how it would be if the money comes directly from the government itself? No Problem, because the US government makes it in the current corona crisis.So jokingly, the above entry is so serious the topic is. The U.S. government has transferred in the last few weeks, many of its citizens of 1,200 USD as immediate aid for the economic impact of the Coronavirus. To use the citizens money for rentals and purchases to come first, and secondly, to boost the economy. However, as current Figures of the Crypto-stock exchange show the Coinbase from the United States, use a lot of the money prefer to invest it directly and free of charge to buy Bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin with $ 1,200 from the government

The Exchange, Coinbase is in the USA and also worldwide one of the most popular calls to swap Fiat money for Crypto. If the publicly released Figures can be considered as representative, especially when it comes to buy ums Bitcoin.As the CEO Of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, said on Twitter it was now in April, striking more users, which paid off the sum of $ 1,200, to be able to for example buy Bitcoin. So, the same amount as the Checks of the U.S. government to its citizens.While rarely more than 0.1% of the Users gave to this sum, were it is now 0.4%, which is nearly four times as many.

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Who would have predicted in January of this irony before?

Of course, there is no clear evidence that this jump to investors, which paid off exactly $ 1,200 to buy Bitcoin, is due to the helicopter money from the US government. Nevertheless, it is hard to imagine that this increase of almost 400% is based on matching the time at random.Some experienced Bitcoin Fan may perceive the irony in this statistic with a Smile. Who would have thought at the beginning of 2020 that it will ever come to payments of helicopter money and you can buy then Bitcoin?The irony arises if you consider the common Narrative around Bitcoin. Many assume that Bitcoin will play in the next few years a larger and larger role in the financial system, while the state-issued Fiat could get the money is increasingly in trouble.Some investors seem to take the by the state granted money now as an invitation to exchange the Fiat money directly into Bitcoin. Also, if it is unlikely that it will come in Germany, payments of helicopter money, is the history of the United States, nevertheless, an amusing Bitcoin News.How do you see the development of the corona of a crisis in connection with Bitcoin?Come on in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community!
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