Friday key day for the price of the Bitcoin

The options of Bitcoin are due this Friday and it seems to be a key day for the price of Bitcoin, at least in the short term. Up to now there are 114.700 options contracts. Now, most of the options in the Bitcoin who overcome are betting bullish on the price increase in the criptomoneda.

Morning due $1000 million in options Bitcoin

This Friday, the 26th of June will expire $1000 million in options Bitcoin on the major exchanges of future contracts. In this sense, everything indicates that it will be a key day for the price of the Bitcoin.

This event is expected to generate volatility in the prices. As the imminent expiry of the options on Bitcoin, brings together 70% of the positions in the derivatives markets.

The big payouts earlier caused a “bounce fairly aggressive”, and match some experts. In addition, the open interest in the digital currency -the total of positions – it rises to 1,300 million, double of what amounted to just a couple of months.

Back to the event this Friday, most of the options of the Bitcoin that are due are betting bullish on the price increase.

However, experts warn that the situation can affect the market of the criptodivisas, as world stocks have dropped due to the re-emergence of infections by coronaviruses in Europe, the united States and China, which weighs on the confidence of investors.

CEO of OKEx confident that the price of Bitcoin might go up

On march 27, the president of the united States, Donald Trump, signed a historic stimulus bill of $ 2.2 billion.

According to Bloomberg, the administration Trump anticipates another stimulus of billions of dollars in the next month. In this sense, the CEO of OKEx, Jay Hao believes that the second verification stimulus will continue to drive the growth of the prices of Bitcoin.

In addition, taking the example of the total investment of Grayscale in Bitcoin in 2020, Hao stressed that the accumulation of the company is translated directly to the rapid rate of adoption of institutional of BTC.

Binance Charity combat the Coronavirus in the Philippines

The pandemic of coronavirus has caused a lot of damage in the world. Causing the death of many people in different countries. In this sense Binance, the main exchange of the cryptocurrencies in the world, launched Binance Charity.

Binance Charity, is the first donation platform based on blockchain in the world dedicated to the advancement of philanthropy that is transparent, to confront the pandemic COVID-19. Recently saw via Twitter that has made a contribution in the Philippines to combat this pandemic.

In a few lines…

The payment of Bitcoin to the requests of venezuelan passport was disabled “temporarily” without official explanation.A group of researchers from SophosLabs says that hackers operating the malware cryptojacking, Glupteba, have been using the network blockchain of Bitcoin to communicate in secret.Coinbase announced support for COMP, the token finance decentralized, or DeFi, project, Compound.

Note technological

A new ransomware called CryCryptor is directed to canadian users of Android. Is distributed across multiple web sites that masquerade as portals to a tracking application COVID-19 backed by the government.

According to a research published by ESET on the 24th of June, CryCryptor appeared shortly after the government of Canada announced a tracking application COVID-19 that uses information voluntarily submitted by the citizens.

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