Future of Binance allow collateral in Cryptocurrencies

The market of crypto future of Binance is still on the rise. Now the crypto exchange world’s largest will be launching a new feature called Cross Collateral.

Cross Collateral the new bet of Binance

Binance, is currently the crypto exchange largest, most famous and most secure of all. But not just here, but also is one of the greatest when we speak of trading volume. And with this new solution is expected to increase even more. The Cross Collateral is an innovative feature in the criptoverso, as it enables the traders of Futures Contracts of Binance use the crypto hodls your wallet main as a guarantee to invest in the future of the exchange. According to the press release of the same team of Binance; communicate that this feature will enable traders to borrow Tether (USDT) to a 0% interest. Only the platform will need you to have BUSD; the Stablecoin of Binance; in your wallet main as collateral for the loan, without the need to perform the additional step of transferring the amount to the wallet of futures trading. Cross Collateral is a feature very awaited by all traders of Binance. This will allow more flexibility and more options for deposits for open positions in the Future. Our initial offering of Cross Collateral shall be applicable only in BUSD, our Stablecoin, we will introduce in the future; if all goes well; increasingly cryptocurrencies to be accepted additionally as a guarantee, expressed Aaron Gong, Director of Binance Futures. The above-mentioned new feature will be available starting today. It has been a week full of events for the crypto exchange, as they also have launched today the Perpetuals Dash, and Zcash; in seeking to respond to the new solutions of his rival; BitMex.

Currently the crypto exchange

Currently the platform Binance Futures allows customers to exchange more than 13 pairs different, with its high levels of leverage respective. Binance offers a leverage of 125x, which is the highest among all the crypto exchanges. In addition, the very active and productive team of Binance Futures; continues to expand with great speed, all of its new features, and new offerings. Recently announced the Perpetuals with Dash (DASH), and Zcash (SACS), as previously stated. To conclude, some days ago the platform agreed to the purchase of cryptocurrencies directly with the argentine peso. Being the first country in South america, along with Brazil who has this service in Binance. Binance does not seem to know what is the rest, and this is precisely what we demand of the crypto ecosystem. And surely it is the main reason for which is today in the position which it occupies; at the top. The following two tabs change content below. Economics student at UCV. Advocate of individual freedoms and of course also of the market and the cryptocurrencies.

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