Gartner: the use of blockchains in supply chains does not exceed pilot phase

The industry supply chain has been one of the business sectors most interested in developing solutions blockchain in the last few years. However, what at first seemed like a successful trend, today does not give favorable results. According to a study by the consulting firm and research of information technology Gartner, released last week, 80% of the initiatives blockchain in this area will remain in pilot phase until the year 2022.Gartner analysts point out that, even, a large majority of the projects will not exceed the proof-of-concept (PoC) due to approaches that are not favourable. The report notes that at present these initiatives have models of working that do not adapt to the needs of a supply chain. The majority of these projects are inspired by solutions to the banking and insurance, without taking into account key elements for good management of a supply chain.Andrew Stevens, one of the analysts in charge of the report, noted that supply chains are areas of the business with communications complex. It is a sector that encompasses the set of activities and operations related to the sale of a product. Stevens considered that, before creating a solution, developers have to devise a way to digitize all of the data that make up the cadena.De this way, a system for that sector has to take into account the record of each one of the events that occurred at the time of create, transport and sell a product. In the same way, you will be required to record and digitize data of the products, as well as the information about the transport and packaging of the same.Analysts advise companies to refocus their projects without leave-on experience with technologies blockchain. To do this, consider it necessary to first determine what are the key criteria of the ecosystem and its most pressing needs. To be carried out in this way, the firm believes that companies will produce products that satisfies and truly suit them.The report of Gartner points to a sector that has given a lot to talk about in the last few years, since that are several well-known brands that have been involved with platforms blockchain to implement in their supply chains. For example, Mercedes-Benz confirmed at the beginning of 2019 that I had tried your solution based on blockchain so successful. In line with the luxurious signature cars, the chains Target and coca cola have also experimented with technologies blockchain in the last year.However, the information of the consultant agrees with the results of a report by the Center of Technology Blockchain University college London (UCL CBT), based on the follow-up to 105 projects between November 2018 and January 2019. The study established that despite the benefits that the technologies blockchains offer in the different processes of the supply chains, there are important challenges to be solved, before a mass deployment of the same.

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