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Many people have tried to do with the myth surrounding the anonymous identity of Satoshi Nakamoto to a halt. A well-known example is that of Australian businessman Craig Wright, who, for years, ” shouted the man behind bitcoin is to. And now, again, someone popped up claiming to be Satoshi to be seen On Molt.

Satoshi or a scammer?

According to his own words, ” is the Molt, the co-founder of bitcoin is, it doesn’t have to be Satoshi. On his LinkedIn page that he has been there since 1994 and been involved with. Also claims to Molt, that he was 250,000 in bitcoin to.
However, the bitcoin community, a community that believes not in it. Kill your with Andreas Antonopoulos on the picture, and that has not worked out very well. Antonopoulos, via Twitter: “Apparently there is a German person called On Molt, who in this selfie show, and people will tell you that we are friends. That is a lie. I have come to know him at all.’
He continues, ” Well, I heard from other people that he claims to be the founder of bitcoin is, and that he has thousands of bitcoins owned. That’s a lie.’

There is a touch on the Molt and after the conference

On Molt, was present at the World Computer Conference in Las Vegas, the meeting was held on the 29th of October to the 31st of October. He was speaking at the conference, as the co-founder of a bitcoin.
There he was spotted by the observant Twitterer, Kenneth Bosak. Bosak, pointing to the back, and say, ‘This guy here behind me is a f**king scammer!’

The tweet from the Bosak came up with a lot of positive comments from the community at large. A lot of bitcoinners be found in the action of the Bosak of good courage. It is also, according to them, a warning that not everyone is in blind trust.
Meanwhile, the Molt of his Twitter account and his tweets are no longer visible. It also has the World Crypto Conference’s profile On Molt will be taken offline on the web-site of the conference.

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