Gigantic Stellar Airdrop from 2 billion to be cancelled

The disappointment weighs heavy: Keybase, and the Stellar lumen Development Foundation (in short SDF) the day before yesterday given the end of the gigantic 2 billion XLM Airdrops known. How crypto Monday reported three months ago, should be distributed in the Airdrop Stellar in the value of more than $ 120 million over a period of 20 months.As a basic Keybase and Stellar to name a plethora of Fake Accounts, which are beyond the capacity of any filtering mechanisms. We take a look at the blog post.

Keybase and Stellar from say 2 billion XLM Airdrop

3 months ago: Keybase announced in a blog post that it plans, in the framework of a partnership with the SDF a huge Airdrop of 2 billion XLM or the equivalent of 120 million US dollars. With the Airdrop user you want to log incentivised in Keybase. The action gave both of the SDF, as well as Keybase is a large media Push.Now, 3 months later, the Party is however already again past. Because Keybase announced the day before yesterday, so on 10. December, the end of the Airdrops in. As it says in the blog post:

Update #5 – 10. December 2019: This month is the last month of our Stellar Airdrops. In the coming week, the on 15. December starts, we will distribute the last $ 100 million XLM among all qualified members.

The Airdrop will now be terminated, since it came in last week to a massive onslaught of Fake Accounts. This does not reduce only the Rewards for the ‘real’ user, but is also inefficient. For Keybase and the SDF do not want the XLM to Fake Accounts to be given away. Similarly, Keybase (understandably) Bots or Fake would like to account as the User.Mirco and Flo have made a Video for Ethereum Istanbul Update, check it out on YouTube!However, Keybase says that the campaign has worked mostly good. With the current rush is, however, reaches a Limit, the capacity of Keybase and SDF blast. In this respect, the question of whether Keybase can imagine, this scenario would not have, and whether the gigantic Airdrop was not simply a ‘lure’ of course?The best and safest stock market choose for you to opt for the right provider is not always easy. Therefore, we recommend that you take a look at our Bitcoin brokers & exchanges to throw a comparison. Trading on the safest and best exchanges in the world! For Comparison

What happens now with the rest of the 1.7 billion XLM?

And so, we can say that instead of the planned 2 billion XLM now ‘just’ 300 million XLM were awarded. In the blog post, it is stated:

Thus, the entire Airdrop had a volume of 300 million Lumens, which is roughly equivalent to 16 million US dollars. And, as we have already from the beginning, said the SDF the right to terminate the Airdrop at an early stage.

The attentive reader will, of course, have asked, what happens now with the 1.7 billion Stellar. If the XLM remain in the hands of the Foundation, will not go back to the criticism of the Central distribution with safety. In the past, Stellar has created the impression, as it would be to try with many means to reduce the stock of XLM.As we have reported, for example, about 50 percent of the Token Burn. To reduce in spite of all of these Experiments, the Supply and distribute XLM, it looks bleak for the Stellar rate. This had to lose in the course of the year, good for 40 percent, while other Coins, such as Bitcoin or BNB were able to double their values.Stellar and Keybase finish the gigantic XLM Airdrop early on – it was just a Trick to lure users to the platform, or you can understand the objections?Come on in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community!
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