Gnosis launches app that allows to interact with products DeFi

Gnosis announced the launch of an app for your wallet multifirmas, call Safe Apps, which allow users to interact with products and applications of finance decentralised (DeFi).The platform markets as predictive has just launched an application extension for your wallet multifirmas Safe Multisig, as published on his blog. Safe Apps allows users to configure their wallets multifirmas, which allows one or more parties to be able to manage collectively the account. The wallet can be configured to require a varying degree of signatures in order to process a transaction. In addition, as described in the Twitter account of Gnosis, this new wallet allows homeowners to interact directly with applications and products DeFi.Among the principal products Defined including are Compound, Aave, PoolTogether and Synthetix. Currently, Compound is the only product supported on the platform, but the team of Gnosis assured that you will soon give access to the other options mentioned.

Gnosis points toward the ecosystem DeFi

Another feature that highlights Safe Apps is that users will have the ability to do integrations with other applications DeFi. As explained in the blog of Gnosis, Safe Apps SDK, the development kit for secure applications, was launched along with the extension of Safe Apps. This allows any user to create other applications to a Safe Apps, because it does not require any permission.The security of this new system is something that the team of Gnosis took seriously, according to mark. Safe Apps directly interacts with contracts smart for each application offered in the store. In addition, point out that at no time the platform has control over the funds that will be used throughout the process. “All of the applications offered are loaded in a space environment isolated, and no one has access to the wallet, smart phone or hardware of the user”, they said.On the other hand, Gnosis also is offering financial incentives to the users to extend the functionalities of the Safe Multisig. In addition, it seeks to allow small projects and independent developers to create their own secure applications.The characteristics of Safe Apps that allow users to interact directly with products DeFi align with other innovations made by Gnosis. Recently Breaking News reported the launch of a new protocol of Gnosis for negotiations decentralised at Ethereum. The interface Table provides users the ability to create commercial strategies in markets for stablecoins.antonpetrus

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