Goldman Sachs informs clients about Bitcoin

Despite what many may think, this is the year that Bitcoin is officially an asset that can not be easily ignored. That’s why Goldman Sachs, the financial institution, has decided to inform its customers in a conference that touches on the topic. This conference is titled “economic Prospects of the united States: implications of current policies for the inflation, the gold and the Bitcoin”. How interesting, no? In the midst of the crisis that created the COVID-19, we must consider all options. For this reason, financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, which include in their reports information about cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin.

Why Goldman Sachs considers it important to talk about Bitcoin?

The fact that Goldman Sachs will invite investors to listen to this lecture online on the 27th of may, at 10:30 am EST, can’t be ignored. This would be the number 15 on macro-economic trends of this country. This is interesting considering that one of the organizers, Sharmin Mossavar-Rhami, said two years ago that Bitcoin had no real value or significant. He is currently the chief investment officer of Goldman Sachs. It has been known that he will be joined by Jason Furman, a professor of economics at the business school Harvard Kennedy, and Jan Hatzius, chief economist and head of global research at Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs will offer an online conference to their investors in a few days, on the macroeconomic outlook of the u.s. economy, including Bitcoin.

Are there more details about it?

Until now only knows the information that we have already mentioned. Of the holder we can infer in some way the content that will be addressed in the call: a relation of the monetary policy of EE. UU. and the impact on assets such as Bitcoin. Thus, the information presented pro Goldman Sachs can be quite important to its investors. Until now at the global level, central banks have opted to issue stimuli to the consumer, and another series of fiscal policies that attempt to decrease the effect of the crisis. The united states has been no exception. It is in this context, in which experts and investors from all over the world debate about whether Bitcoin will be or not an asset coverage in the face of uncertainty that has been created by the deepening crisis. With this conference Goldman Sachs, we can at least say that Bitcoin has not been removed from the map before the crisis. Will this be the moment in which the potential of Bitcoin starts to feel more strong than ever? What even for large investors in the financial world? It is what remains to be seen.

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