Golem (GNT) Is Finally Here: Ethereum (ETH) Gets a Price Pump – Learn More

NEW YORK CITY, New York – Exciting news broke live for a peer-to-peer market called Golem (GNT). It allows other people to use your computer’s excess CPU power. This means extra profit for users, and finally after multiple implementations, accumulating to 3 years, it’s going online on the Ethereum blockchain.

Despite Golem (GNT) disappointing the community initially, it should receive ample support. Golem was one of the forefathers of applications when Ethereum was still starting out. This venture was able to raise 820,000 ETH by selling all of its GNT tokens in just 20 minutes. That’s a whopping 340 million of US dollars as per current metrics.

The founder and CEO of Golem, Julian Zawistowski, addressed the initial failures. He claimed that the company often bit off more than they could chew concerning developing software. Zawistowski further admitted to underestimating the complexity of the things they wanted to accomplish with the project.

The venture was indeed ambitious. It still clamors to build a worldwide supercomputer, and it has achieved a successful main net launch. Specifically, service users will be able to rent out unneeded CPU power to be used on Blender.

Blender is an open-source software for users to create visual effects, animated films, video games, etc. The service is made possible by switching CPU power for GNT through an interface that directly connects to Blender.

The Specifics

Golem’s current iteration, Golem Brass Beta, is a startup version that will be testing the software on the actual market with actual money.

According to Piotr Janiuk, co-founder of the company, the purpose of such release is to prove to everyone thay they can deliver something usable.

Golem is run by a software client that directly connects the CPU power providers and the requestors in Golem’s network. The providers are given subtasks that when put together create a full computational picture.

Zawistowski explained that the communications and interactions happen directly on the network between nodes. With Ethereum providing its blockchain, all of this is possible. This iteration of Golem (GNT) is at its most basic stage, and as development furthers, features should become more complicated. In fact, the developers are in talks of creating a dedicated plugin for Blender.

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