Grayscale is a 3.5 billion dollars ‘ worth of bitcoin, and 410 million u.s. dollars in ethereum

Private equity fund manager grey tone is going to focus more on bitcoin and ethereum. That is, let the company know about it on Twitter. The ratio of the Grayscale photos Digital Large-Cap fund will change a little bit for bitcoin (from 81% to 81,5%), and a bit more for ethereum (from 9.6% to 11,7%). This is going to be at the expense of the other, with coins, Grayscale means less xrp, bitcoin, cash, and litecoin is fixed.

Most of the trust in bitcoin and ethereum

The changes in the composition of the investment fund (eif) of the grey tone shows that the company have the most confidence in bitcoin and ethereum. At this point, saves the Grayscale up to 3.5 billion dollars ‘ worth of bitcoin, and 410 million dollars worth of ethereum. By way of comparison, the number of bitcoin, cash, litecoin and xrp covers a total of more than 12 million dollars.

It may well be that the grey tone of his portfolio to adapt to the current situation at the cryptomarkt. The dominance of ethereum, it is, for example, has risen from the 8,17 per cent to 9.8 per cent. Over the same period, the prevalence of xrp just down from 4,21 percent to 3.28 percent. The power of bitcoin to cash fell to 1.6 per cent, and that of the litecoin to 1,07 percent of the time. The data come from cryptovergelijkingswebsite CoinMarketCap.

Grayscale purchase of 150 per cent of the geminede bitcoins on

The most striking remains in the interest of a grey tone in bitcoin. As of the end of June, is to 81.5 per cent of the portfolio, the Grayscale of the world’s largest cryptomunt. Not only that, but previously, we reported that the Grayscale of 150% of the number of bitcoins that will be gemined buy.

After Monday, the 11th of may, buy grey tone and more bitcoins on it. This is not a random date, on the 11th of may, took the bitcoin halving takes place. On that day, was cut in half with the influx of new bitcoins. According to many analysts and investors, which can be a catalyst for a new bitcoin bull run. Grayscale seems to be, in any case, it needs to have confidence in.

The parents have the biggest interest in bitcoin

Last year, it has Grayscale, a research is made, the question is who will be most interested in bitcoin. Interestingly enough, the parents have the most interest in bitcoin. No less than seventy per cent of the interested respondents said, namely to have children. The stereotype of the young, trendy, and hipster, which is investing in bitcoin is apparent according to the Grayscale so it can’t be beat!

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