Great contest of the Formula 1 allows you to earn Ethers

On the 28th of November there will be a great contest initiated by the Formula 1 Delta Time Pole Position, which will allow users to earn a variety of awards, such as: various NTFs, Ethers or others. On the other hand, the event will be held with the aim to conduct the auction of 10 vehicles of formula 1; these have a level of rarity and will be auctioned through digital tokens, which represent the vehicles. However, those who wish to participate in the auction or the event to win ethers, you should take into account different aspects.

Aspects of importance in the contest of the F1 Delta Time Pole Position

It should be noted that this will be the first auction of Formula 1 in which you can participate in 2 different ways, either through the auction or in the event that allow you to win tokens ethers; by the prediction of the sales order that will have the vehicles in the auction will win the ethers. As already mentioned, will auction at least 10 vehicles classified in 5 types of rarity. Will take place on the official website of Formula 1, Delta Time and will have to follow a series of steps to be able to participate in the event. The auction of the NTFs of cars of F1 will be usable for the next game of Formula 1, which will be in format Dutch; the auction of 28 November will have an initial cost of at least 30 ethers.

How to participate in the event of F1 Delta Time?

To be able to participate in the event to win ethers, it is necessary that each individual count mainly with an address of purse or Wallet, which will allow you to be able to win with the platform, the different tokens of ethers, vote and/or participate. In addition, if it is still the individual has not been admitted to the official page of the F1 Delta Time, it is necessary to enter and look for the option register; to proceed to complete the necessary requirements to register on the portal. It should be noted that, in order to form part of the winners of the prizes in the ethers, it is essential that the subject makes a correct prediction for the order of sale; such a prediction is carried out taking into account which of the 10 vehicles will be the first to be sold, if the user hits the sale order, will win a prize from the event. It is important to mention that the winners of the event will be announced through the chat official of Discord that the company holds F1 Delta Time. In addition, in the event that the participant has not seen through Discord that made the right prediction, and that won an award in the ethers, you will be notified via the email provided at the time you registered on the official website of F1 Delta Time.

What is a token NTF?

There is a large margin of difference of a token NTF and the cryptocurrencies common. Because of that, you can not exchange with the others. In addition, they possess a level of rarity and unique information, which has a great value. As already mentioned above, the vehicles auctioned will have 5 different levels of extravagance; all the NFTs shall possess the vehicles of Formula 1 that will be auctioned. It is worth noting, that among the vehicles to be auctioned can be found: Aston Martin Red Bull Racing.Haas F1 Team.Alfa Romero Racing.McLaren F1 Team.Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport.Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda.ROKiT Willianms Racing.Scuderia Ferrari.Renault F1 Team.SpScore Racing Point F1 Team.

Information about the awards: how to win them, what prizes will be raffled, among others

Now, it is necessary to know that, depending on different factors win prizes. As has already been mentioned, the main factor will be the certainty in the prediction; the greater the certainty, the higher the prize you will win. On the other hand, participate in the prediction it is totally free; you will not need to pay a subscription or something similar. Therefore, this gives place to every kind of person can participate in the grand event of Formula 1. It is important to add that, the awards were classified into 2 types, these are: The prizes in the PRO category have at least 2 ETH or ethers and 1 F1 Delta Time Car Gear Rare; however, it is possible to vary depending on the certainty of the prediction performed by the users. There will be at least 10 prizes for PRO category; these will be delivered primarily to users who have made a correct prediction in the draw. On the other hand, the prizes for BEGINNER is for those users who made correct predictions and at the social level; it certainly will possess a level of difference that the of the PRO. Now, the users who win the prize of a BEGINNER will be able to choose to have 1 ethers and a F1 Delta Time Car Gear Rare. Without nothing more to add, the corporation Formula 1, Delta Time, looks forward to the participation of thousands of users, fans of the Formula 1; because, in the world there are more than 506 million of fans of these carts and just missing a few hours for the event to start. The following two tabs change content below. I am a young man from Venezuela 18 years, lover of technology, innovation, and economic events that govern the world. One of my passions are cryptocurrencies.

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