Halving of Bitcoin Cash causes layoffs

The Halving of Bitcoin Cash is to days to occur. In parallel, the main web portal, in support of this criptomoneda, Bitcoin.com dismiss the 50% of its staff. Is there fear for the result of the Halving? What happens in the womb of BCH? As is normal in the criptoverso, days before the processes of Halving occur, the uncertainty and speculation are circulating in the community. Recall that the Halving is not more than the reduction in right through the middle of the reward that they receive the crypto miners for carrying out the process of validation of the blocks within the chain. With the intention of being a mechanism against inflation, and that is also not finished with the process of life of the miners.

Bitcoin.com it makes its own Halving, but of personal

According to an alert from the portal “Candor”, which has followed the counting of the effect of the pandemic on the work in the criptoverso, about 50% of the labour force in this important crypto page have been dismissed. But, the reason why the portal has made their own Halving is due to the Coronavirus. It is important to mention that this 50% is not only workers of the web portal, but farm mining that manage the partners Bitcoin.com. Of the approximately 132 workers that made life in the crypto company, half of them have been left in the street. This event has led many to wonder, what really is the cause of the Coronavirus this mass dismissal? Or is it the fear of the next halving of Bitcoin Cash?

“Times of drastic need drastic measures. However, a reduction of scale of such magnitude is not a good omen for any company.”Expressing analysts critpoverso.

The pressure in the web portal and in Bitcon Cash continues to grow

The increasing pressure on Bitcoin.com it clearly shows after losing recently to the CEO historical, Roger See. Although it is also true that this is still working as the executive president of the crypto signature. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) can be larger than Bitcoin.com and bigger than Roger to See. But, these signs that has given the main web portal, have caused the miners to jump out of the boat before the BCH is reduced to half. The gloomy news coming out of this camp, cause it is the future of days of BCH is very uncertain. You need to be very aware of this event. How this Halving will affect Bitcoin (BTC)? We don’t know for sure, but what we do know is that the news are not very encouraging, and that in his last Halving, when it was created Bitcoin SV, the consequences for the criptoverso were fatal.

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