How can I purchase 1 Bitcoin?

In the world there are various ways of acquiring Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These include Gift cards, traders, local brokers, platforms, exchange, credit cards. The truth is that over the years buy 1 Bitcoin has become a bit more accessible than a decade ago. For many people, their first purchase of Bitcoin sounds like something scary or even complicated. However, there are many options available for a purchase easy, fast and secure. Unlike common currencies, the cryptocurrencies are not regulated by governments, large banks or investment funds, but by private investors. Therefore, to buy 1 Bitcoin can have many channels, but you must choose the safest. You can buy 1 Bitcoin, or satoshis, which are fractions of a unit of Bitcoin. The options vary from one country to another, unless they resort to options such as those of the exchanges.

Alternative to buy 1 Bitcoin

Some exchanges that work well to buy 1 BTC are Binance, OKEx, among others. However, the most popular is Binance. You can find some reviews quite interesting exchanges in previous articles of CriptoTendencia, and with many more details about it. Other alternatives include Coinbase, which offers a commission of 3.5%, but it is one of the most popular sites. Also is Kraken, where the commission is much less (between 0.16 and 0.26%). Buy 1 Bitcoin is something that can be done through various channels, being the most popular of the exchanges of cryptocurrencies. Source: But, in general, an exchange makes it easy to buy 1 Bitcoin because it gives you the opportunity to access the market where there are buyers and sellers. Also, many times you are given the option to enroll your credit cards or bank accounts, and lets you change it to fiat money in as much as you want or feel is appropriate. That is to say, they are platforms that have a large base of users and in which you can pay with your credit card or via bank transfer.

CoinMap will help you find shops of Bitcoin

Also, there are shops physicists around the world who accept payment with Bitcoin to buy. At present, the web site CoinMap, a map of open collaboration, has registered 10.805 business. For example, if you are looking for options to spend your Bitcoin in Latin America, CoinMap shows you several of them. Given the case, if you’re in Mexico City there are more than 30, in Bogotá, 40, Santiago de Chile has 15 and Buenos Aires more than 150. In cases such as Venezuela, with an economy of hyper-inflationary, acquire and accept Bitcoin has become more common than many would expect. However, if you feel that you need more details, in CriptoTendencia we have several reviews of countries and how to acquire Bitcoin if you live in them. Some examples include Bolivia, the united States, among others.

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